Serial casting

We are waiting for Cayla to be accepted by the TCCP and in the meantime we are seeing Jodie, a physio at Wize Therapy. She has been an amazing support just by listening to our concerns and worries, and also given us stretches and exercises to do with Cayla. As Cayla was walking really high up on her toes and left side of her foot and it was difficult for us to do the stretches Jodie suggested that we do some serial casting. We were mortified and had no idea how it would work or if Cayla would accept having a big cast on her foot! But no need to worry at all, Cayla loves her new ‘boot’, she is running around pushing her trolleys and sleeping absolutely fine at night time. She will have it on for about 3-4 weeks and we’ll go back to Jodie and change the casting once a week. It works like braces for your teeth, every week we stretch a little bit more until her foot is flat on the floor. This will make it easier for her to walk and for us to do her stretches twice a day.

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