Nathan has had gastro most of the last week but is finally getting better! We have managed to get to some of the swimming lessons booked in but have mainly spent our days lazing around at home. It is pretty cold in Perth at the moment and the houses are freezing cold inside which I dislike. Brick houses with no or very little insulation and no double glazed windows so the gas heater is on most of the day to keep us warm. But, I shouldn’t complain since we still have sunny days with around 20 degrees in winter so could be worse!
I have finished my first training week with a coach and is feeling pretty tired. I haven’t done any interval training since I started my running journey, just different distances with a similar pace and RPM (indoor cycling) once or twice a week. This training schedule has two interval sessions a week, one tempo run, a long run and some recovery runs in between so will see how I go. The second interval training on Thursday morning was fast and fun! We did 200m x 6 fast running with 200m steady running in between. Repeat two times plus warm-up and cool-down. Hard work but loved it!
Last day of the holidays today and we have been to “Disney on Ice” which was an awesome show! Cayla loved it but I think there might have been just too many princesses for Nathan’s liking! Luckily they had slushies for sale to keep him happy and entertained ;) Afterwards we had lunch at the big M, not my choice but I was just too tired to say no…. Time for a ‘mama nap’, it’s been a busy day zzzzzz
Disney on Ice 2013

Crazy Hair Day

So I can tell you from experience that it is NOT a great choice to go for a 27k run when coming down with a head cold…! It has taken me a good two weeks to get over it and I’m only just starting to get better.. Even thought I had lost my running mojo there for a while……!! Shocking… but back into it now and have spent the last couple of days in the gym doing body combat and hill/interval training on the treadmill. I’m not a big fan of the treadmill but for hill and interval training it is great and I’m definitely pushing myself a lot more that if I was to do the same outside…
It was crazy hair day today at school to raise awareness and important funds for the Leukemia Foundation. Such a great thing and the kids are loved it! Nathan had blue spiky hair and Cayla had some blue stripes and pink long hair clips thingys. All kids brought in a gold coin donation. It would be great to do something similar for cerebral palsy, maybe a colourful shoe day where all the kids are doing a walk/run or an obstacle course at school to raise awareness and funds for The Centre for Cerebral Palsy (TCCP). Cerebral palsy is the most common physical childhood disability in the world. It is a permanent physical condition that affects movement and often these kids can’t walk or run very well or at all. Did you know that in Australia, it is estimated that a child is born with CP every 15 hours… crazy…

Wheelie Big ChallengeLast year we raised money for TCCP and will more than likely do some more fundraising for this year’s Wheelie Big Challenge (2013/14). It all ends on with a fun day called The Wheelie Big Day Out at Burswood Park Foreshore on Sunday the 14th April. We will definitely be there and do the 1km walk with Cayla and enjoy the festivities.

If you are into running or cycling then you might be interested in The 2013 Walk Wheel Run for Charity (WWR). The Wheelie Big Day Out is a fun day and everyone is welcome to join us. Check out this video clip for more information:
_DSC9237 _DSC9306_DSC9271_DSC9340

Running & Running!

My training for a 1/2 marathon is going well, I run the short runs around the area I live (a mix between 6-9km) and the longer runs in Kings Park. My friend Chatarina (who ran the Sydney Marathon a couple of years ago) is running with me on Saturday mornings and it’s great to have a running buddy. Much more fun than running alone plus I’m loving the well deserved coffee afterwards! I ran 11.4km yesterday and will add a mile (1.6km) every week to gradually reach my goal of 21km.

I have finally invested in a pair of great running shoes and amazing socks from our friend Jason’s store The Running Centre on Hay Street in West Perth. Go and check it out, they have lots of cool stuff and very friendly service plus they are open on Sundays :) Can’t believe that I had my old trainers over 10 years…… yuk!

I did a short 5km race at Point Walter last weekend and caught by the adrenalin pumping at the start I finished 26 minutes later.. That is certainly faster than I normally run so for the next race I will tone it down and find my pace instead of rushing away like a crazy antelope! I rang Mike after the race and was wondering where my support team were..??? He laughed and said that Nathan was still asleep and Cayla was having her breakfast! The race started at 7am so I don’t blame them.. but hopefully they will be a bit more supportive for my next race which is the  Asics Bridges Fun Run (10k) in April! :)

I have just looked through the result list on the WAMC’s website and my time was 25:59, place 70 out of 197 runners and no 22 of 111 females – not bad!

Hot and sweaty just after the race..!