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Having a snack at 'My Time'

Cayla has been going to her pre kindy sessions at ‘My Time’ for a few weeks now and things are going well. It is only 7 kids in the group and 6 of them have got downs syndrome. The sessions involve activities that will prepare them for kindy (school) next year so we have mat time, fruit/lunch time, singing and lots of other fun activities. The teachers  are using sign language and pictures to make it easier for the kids to understand what’s happening and what is expected of them. I think it’s a great little playgroup and hoping to pick up some sign language. The other mums are really nice and Cayla seems to enjoy herself as well which is great!

We are going to TCCP for playgroup and hydro pool sessions one day a week and Cayla loves playing in the water like any other kid. She is due for some serial casting soon so no pool for a couple of weeks but I think it’s over the school kids holiday anyway so it doesn’t matter.
Cayla has been going to daycare since November last year and she is loving that too. She is a very social little girl and really enjoys playing with the other kids, dancing, painting and joining in all other activities in the prekindy group. Her daycare centre is a great one but they have recently increase their prices from $85 to a whopping $96/day! Yes, Swedish people – $96 per day.. that is about 675 kr/day..!! Though if both parents are working you are entitled to receive 50% of that of the fees straight back to your bank account every three months.
Anyway, through another mum I have got some information about a prekindy in my area that is managed by OT’s (occupational therapists) and can offer a more customised school readiness program for 3-4 year olds (including special needs)! Best of all is that we will be able to use the Better Start funding for this and kids don’t have to be toilet trained! :) This is exactly what I’ve been looking for and it sounds like a perfect mix of daycare and the My Time prekindy program Cayla is already attending. This would be a full day (9.15am – 2.15pm) and structured like a normal kindy class. Checking it out tomorrow and if we like it and there is a spot available she will start in term 3. Networking at it’s best :)


I’m still hoping to get her in to one of the playgroups at Telethon Speech & Hearing but at the moment the are all full. We have been for an interview/assessment a while ago so hopefully there will be a spot available soon. As we are away most of term 2 I’m hoping to get her in for term 3 and 4, that would be awesome. . It is quite expensive and we can’t use the Better Start Funding for this program unfortunately but I think it’s worth exploring every avenue. We are also doing both speech and physio at The Centre for Cerebral Palsy and Kids are Kids as usual.