Just a few more…

Ok I will soon stop going on about this amazing ultra but first a few more photos! Most of the photos were taken by Ron McGlinn who spent the whole day capturing these awesome images for all the runners to keep (for free!). This race was such a great experience and I am so grateful for these memories.

Some people have asked me what I had to eat/drink throughout the day so here we go:
8 gu gels
2 jam sandwiches
3 bananas
water + electrolyte drink
Salt tablets 

Coming in to the third station at Mt Helena (61km). Huge milestone in the race!


Munching bananas!

DSC_0563 DSC_0564 DSC_0566 DSC_0671 photo



Kep Ultra 75km Race Recap

It’s Saturday and nearly a week has passed since I finished my first ultra marathon. I feel great! My legs were a bit stiff after the race and my head was in a cloud but that is understandable since I was out running for just over 9 and 1/2 hours..! I had a massage earlier in the week which was awesome for the legs and I have also had a a hair cut which was well over due…!
I was pretty nervous as we left Perth and made our way towards Northam on Saturday afternoon. Since I was only offered an entry two weeks before the race I didn’t do any of the recon runs so knew pretty much nothing about the course. Maybe it was better to get in to the race late as I certainly didn’t over train like so many other people. More than 35 runners pulled out before the race and I saw quite a few with physio tape in different angles across their legs in the morning of the race. I researched a range of different ultra marathon plans and it’s easy to see how you can get injured as they all require a lot of running. Don’t get me wrong, I have done a lot of training over the last 4.5 months but I would probably have had a slightly different approach if I knew I was going to run this race! I was aiming for Perth Marathon (15th June) so have only trained on flat roads, no trails.
start (2)
start (1)We met a group of runners at the Pasta dinner party in Northam the night before the race and it was great to meet them and possibly get even more nervous as they all seemed so fit and experienced! We stayed in a ‘executive suit’ at Northam Motel which was anything but exclusive but hey it did the job and I had a good night’s sleep. I woke up before my alarm went off and decided to study the map of the race course to try to remember all the important notes where navigation could possibly get tricky.. Wow, very nervous now….. Anyway, had some breakfast and got myself ready for the big day ahead. At 6.15am we arrived at the start and it was a freezing 8 degrees.. I picked up my race bib, and showed them all the mandatory gear needed which was headlamp + spare batteries, yellow safety vest, whistle, mobile phone and at least 600ml of water. I went for a last last visit to the toilet before the start and at 7am 74 runners set off from Northam towards Mundaring. It is quite hilly out of Northam and my race strategy of running 25min and walking 5mins went out of the window straight away. But that’s ok, I decided to still walk moste of the hills and run the flats and downhills. The road between Northam and the first aid station Clackline at 19km was alright, not very scenic but it was nice to tick off one aid station and I was feeling good.




Mike was waiting at Clackline and it was nice to see a familiar face along the course. It was a bit crazy at this aid station with heaps of parked cars, dogs, kids and cheering people everywhere. The friendly volunteers filled up my water bladder and Mike gave me a banana to eat and a jam sandwich to bring on the road. I was faffing about with my bag and couldn’t close it, I wasn’t sure if I needed to ‘check in’ and it was all a bit crazy and quite overwhelming!




The next section was a 24km long and straight pea gravel road for most of the way to the second aid station, Wooroloo. I was running along fine but found the long gradual incline quite hard so did have regular walking breaks. I had a gel or some of my jam sandwich every 30-40 minutes and was feeling pretty good. I decided to listen to some music and forgot that I was holding on to my sandwich and dropped it somewhere around 28kms…! Because I was fiddling with my bag so much at the aid station I just grabbed the sandwich in a plastic zip lock bag in my hand and took off… Anyway I had to run back a couple of hundred meters to find it and luckily it wasn’t too far away.. But because I had to backtrack to find my sandwich I had by then lost the small group of runners that I ran with and was now running by myself. At around 30km I thought I was lost and had a short moment of panic… rang Mike nearly in tears but after talking to him and checking the gps on my mobile phone and realised that I was on the right track.. phew… Mike popped up a few times along the way taking photos and it was great to see him as I was still running on my own and hadn’t seen another runner for quite some time.

_DSC9284 _DSC9289 _DSC9279 _DSC9299 _DSC9300

It was great to get to the 2nd aid station at Wooroloo which was at the 43km mark. I had a banana, filled up my water bladder and sports drink, grabbed another jam sandwich (but this time I packed it safely inside my bag) and off I went! I had by then caught up with a few of the other runners again and even though we weren’t running side by side it was nice to know they were around. The Kep track is quite easy to navigate but there were a few tricky spots and I am glad to have run those sections with other people. It’s difficult to think straight when you are tired.
Wooroloo (2) Wooroloo (1)

I don’t remember much of the section between Wooroloo and Mt Helena (18km). I was listening to music, thinking about my brother, the finish line and concentrating on taking in fuel and water regularly, counting down the kilometers. But I do clearly remember coming in to aid station 3 at Mt Helena! I knew this before hand but before we could check in at that aid station we had to run 600m down the hill and back again and this was so frustrating.. I’m still not quite sure why we had to do this extra section as this would make the full race distance 76kms but hey, there we go. Getting to this aid station was a huge milestone for me! I wanted to get out of there before 3pm or I would have to carry a yellow safety vest and headlamp. I checked out at 2.45pm…. phew! Now I only had about 15km to go so the next 10kms I ran with a big smile on my face, I even had a cry if I remember right… At this stage I was still feeling good and I knew I was going to finish the race, even if I walked the last bit I was going to finish!!
_DSC9316 _DSC9311
The day before the race Mike and I drove to the area where I would finish the race and I couldn’t wait to get to that roundabout where the race notes said that we were to ‘ignore all markers’, turn left and run up a short 300m hill before the finish line.
This last section from Mt Helena to Mundaring was so pretty, single man trail surrounded by bush. Green and lush from all the rain we’ve had in Perth lately. I ran the last bit of the race with a really lovely English girl called Amanda. We ran together at the start and some other short sections of the race, it’s kind of nice to chat to people now and then but most of the race I ran by myself which was fine too. We chatted away and by this stage (around 70kms) I had quite stiff hips and my feet or mostly toes started to hurt too. My garmin watch died around this time as it only had 8 hours of battery life but I had runkeeper going on my phone so that was alright. We chatted away and before we knew it we crossed Mundaring Weir Road, ran along a small section along this road for a couple of hundred meters until we hit a ROUNDABOUT!!! Yes! Yes! Friggin Yeeees! There it is, THE roundabout!! Some Kep volunteers cheered us on, told us to safely cross the road and run up the hill towards the finish. We walked a little bit and then started to slowly jog towards the orange cones at the top of the hill. I saw a group of people and Mike was among them waving at me and taking photos. I cannot describe the feeling of turning right at the top of the hill, following the orange cones, hearing people clapping their hands cheering us on as we ran towards the finish line…!! It was EPIC and I’m nearly crying when writing this! It was so awesome….. Amanda and I ran across the finish line together, received our medals around our necks, had a big hug and smiled for more photos. I don’t know that many people in the ‘ultra world’ here in Perth but a few friendly faces were at the finish line and I was so happy to see them. Shirley, Ben, Cheryl, Chris – you guys rock! I can’t wait to share this experience with you all next year! A massive thanks to my amazing running friends Cheryl, Shirley, Sylvie and Leisha… for your invaluable advice and support but mostly for believing in me! A huge thanks to my husband Michael for spending the night in the most exclusive motel in Northam and for being my support crew throughout the whole race, I love you. To my mum in Sweden who could barely sleep and sent me 32 messages on Viber throughout the day! You are too funny and can’t wait to see you in a few weeks! Big thanks to Ian and Gwendy for looking after the kids! To friends and family all around the world for your support and kind messages, especially on Facebook where my finish line post has got more than 130 likes and over 100 messages – thanks! I still cannot believe that I have just ran 76kms in my first ultra marathon….


I ran this race in memory of my beautiful brother Samir. He was taken from us on the 1st January 2007 at only 25 years of age, we love him and miss him so much every day. It meant a lot to me to run this race for him, he was a very athletic and active person, and I know that he would be so proud of me. Physical pain is nothing
compared to the pain we all endured when he died and still feel every day.
Love you little brother, one day we’ll meet again.

Here are a few photos from the finish………… tears of joy…….. Epic!


_DSC9327 _DSC9332 _DSC9335 The Finish! (15) The Finish! (6)


The Finish! (14)




_DSC9339 KepUltraFBpic


Kep Ultra 75km

I have some really crazy and exciting running news! In January I tried to get an entry for this year’s Kep Ultra 75km/100km but unfortunately I didn’t get in. The race director had already taking in more than 25 runners above the limit and had 17 people on the wait list. I was number 10 on the wait list so I thought I had no chance at all and decided to do some solid training over the next 4.5 months anyway and run Perth Marathon again. I followed a different training program this time with a lot more quality running with intervals and tempo running compared to a year ago. It was fewer days running in the week but really fast times to run plus cross training (rowing/spinning). I also decided to do Michelle Bridges 12 week Lean and Strong Program which had me in the gym 4 times a week doing weights. My long runs have also been different this year as instead of increasing my km’s every week I have done long runs of 28-32km (35km as my longest run) pretty much from the start. It was challenging at times but I feel great and more important I have no injuries at all. Anyway, to get to the point……….! A couple of weeks ago I received an email informing me that I had been offered a race entry for this year’s Kep Ultra..!! I did not expect that at all! The sensible part of me said; don’t do it this year, volunteer at the event and train for it ‘properly’ next year instead. However I am really excited and scared(!) but ready to give it my best shot so have registered and will be running 75km tomorrow!! I’m not looking at a particular finishing time, just purely enjoy it and finish in one piece. It’s very different to running a marathon where I would run at a faster pace for 42.2km. I will run this ultra at a much slower pace and incorporate walking breaks throughout the race. I should be able to get to 50km ok and after that I have no idea what will happen.. Gaaaahhhhhh! This is so far out of my comfort zone that it makes me feel sick but hey, some people swear that’s where the magic happens….!

Finally School Holidays

It’s been ten weeks since the kids went back to school which means it’s time for two weeks of school holiday – yay! I have never been so happy to have a break from the usual routines than now… we’ve had lots of new routines with Cayla starting her new school and a bit of a change to our after-school activities. We have finally managed to get Nathan (nearly 8) to start doing a team sport… Well, he did play indoor soccer for a while 2-3 years ago but didn’t really enjoy it much. Since then he’s started scouts and continued with his swimming lessons once a week. Both Mike and I really believe that playing a team sport is important so we decided to give him a gentle ‘push’ in the right direction a few weeks ago by taking him to play outdoor soccer. He liked it and we couldn’t be more happy! However, this means he is now doing scouts, swimming and soccer which takes up 4 days of the week plus matches which will start from the 13th April..  oh well, we’ll see how it goes and if we have to drop an activity. He played his first game of soccer this morning and even though they lost (3-4), they had a great time!

Cayla is only doing swimming once a week which is enough for her now when she’s started school full-time. I’m so impressed with her school and all the different programs they use for the students in all areas of learning and social activities. What’s more important is that Cayla absolutely LOVES her new school. She gets upset on the weekend as she can’t go to school.. hope it stays like that forever!
She was awarded an Honour’s Certificate a little while ago for settling in well to her new school and working very hard in her speech sessions. She didn’t know about the certificate and was really surprised and happy when the principal called out her name. She had the biggest smile on her face when she was standing on the stage with the other kids who was awarded with certificates. Super cute and we were of course super proud! I really hope she gets to stay at this school until year 3 which is the last year they can attend before they go back to their local main stream school. The first term is all about assessments and each child will be given a comprehensive IEP (Independent Education Plan) with individual targets and goals to work towards. We’ve just had our first Parent Meeting and she did score really low in most of the tests and assessments.. But that is to be expected, otherwise Cayla wouldn’t be at this school.

We have had a crazy busy weekend with two birthday parties, baby shower, soccer game, and running/cycling training. My alarm went off at 4.20am…. can’t say that I love getting up that early in the morning but once I’m out there running, it all make total sense! I have completed ten weeks of Michelle Bridges 12 week advanced lean and strong program. I feel much stronger after all the weight lifting and it’s been great to try something out of my comfort zone. I’m about to buy some new running shoes but for some reason I find it really difficult to part with my old pairs…. what’s with that? Too many good memories maybe?? Or just weird?!?
IMG_7285 (2)

6 Inch Trail Ultra Marathon Finisher!

Four days ago I completed my first trail ultra marathon; a 47.3km hilly race from North Dandalup to Dwellingup south of Perth! It was a very hot race (about 38degrees) and I’m absolutely stoked to have finished it! This year we have raised more than $4000 for
Cayla and other kids with Cerebral palsy through The Centre for Cerebral Palsy (TCCP). A huge thanks to our friends and family who have supported us and donated to Cayla’s Challenge, we love you!
I have my best friend and her family from Sweden here at the moment and we are chilling out in Yallingup about 3 hrs south of Perth as I’m writing this. I’m recovering really well from the race and I’m looking forward taking it easy over the next few weeks. Here are some pics from Sunday morning, love looking at these photos, so many great memories!







Last playgroup and hydro

It’s the end of the year and the ‘silly season’ is about to kick off or possibly already has! I don’t really mind as our Christmas tree and decorations are up and all gifts are wrapped and hidden in our walk-in-robe! We have bought some more outdoor Christmas lights and it looks awesome and the kids loves it! Things you have to do when there is no snow outside and both Mike and I get pretty excited about it…! Though I wish the inside of my house looked like the picture below, it looks amazing! Just need an open fire and a dog..

Both Nathan and Cayla are going well but I think we can all agree that it will be nice with a long Summer holiday soon. It’s been a great year so far and Cayla has come so far in many areas which we are so happy about. Her speech is not amazing but she is definitely improving! I feel so much better after we found out that she got a place at the Fremantle Language Development Centre (LDC). Not sure if she understand but we have told her that she is starting a new school next year and bought her a dress (uniform) which she loves. It’s a little bit sad that the kids are not going to be at the same school but at the same time I know that for Cayla this is an amazing opportunity and we are all still jumping out of joy that she got a place! Today we went to TCCP for her last playgroup and hydro pool session and met up with Cayla’s little friend Sienna. It’s a bit sad that we won’t go to TCCP for playgroup and hydro anymore and it’s crazy that she is starting full-time school next year.. I reckon I will feel really lost for a few weeks, or days at least ;)
Cayla and Sienna

Well, it’s crazy how time flies but I have finished my big training load in preparation for the 6inch trail marathon (47km) on the 15th December! It’s been full on the last four months but I have really tried to take every day and week as it comes and put in my absolute best. I was doing fine until a couple of weeks ago when I did about 90km of running in one week, after that I started to get a little niggle in my calf. Went for a sports massage (or three..) but it wasn’t until I saw the physio for some needling and ultrasound that my leg started to feel better. I have also bought a pair of new shoes which has helped a lot. I really enjoy trail running and find it quite boring to run long on the road now. The first time I went down to North Dandalup where the start for the 6inch Trail Marathon is I really had no trail running experience at all. A friend picked me up at 4.30 in the morning for a 5.30 start. We did 17km out and back without getting too  much lost… and no snake sightings at all! It was a very hot day with 37 degrees so it took us over 4.5 hours but that was including stopping to ‘eat’ 5 carb gels, 3 x wee stops (weird since I never wee on a run.. must have been nervous!) plus getting a bit lost on the way back.
A few weeks ago we headed down to North Dandalup again we decided to do an A-to-B run instead of out-and-back as we wanted to see more of the actual race course. We took two cars and left my car at the 28km mark and drove my friend’s car back to the start and off we went. This race start with a tough climb of 300m over 1.5km.. and we were walking most of it but I’m sure the elite runners will just blast up that hill on the actual race day! We were running along fine until we got to the 17km mark.. that’s when I realised that I had forgotten my car keys in my friend’s car…..!!!!!!!! WTF!!! Very annoying, but luckily we were only 3kms away from the main road that would lead us back to the start. I’m so glad we didn’t run the whole 28kms to my car and then realised this horrible mistake…! I can add that there is absolutely no reception in this area… my friend was not too impressed. So we ran to the main road and then followed it 11kms back to the start. We had run about 31km at this point but our plan was to run 37-38km. My friend had a sore ankle and had enough but I felt really good so decided to do a few more k’s and finished of at 36km. Job done but I am never ever going to forget my keys in someone’s car again..! Lesson learned the hard way..
Last Saturday we did our last long run, it was a run that I was a bit worried about for some reason. We had to do 40km and decided to stay in the city and do this run on a flat road instead of the trails. I had been battling negative thoughts, crappy runs and a sore leg all week so it felt awesome to SMASH out my Peak Long Run of 40km feeling that great! Still can’t quite believe that I just ran 40kms in a training run.. crazy..! It’s amazing how you little by little can condition your body and mind to run long distances. Though there is no doubt that there has been a lot of hard work involved to get where I am today but that just makes this whole experience more satisfying.
Bring on the 6inch! :D




Funky Monkey to Red Devil

Another week (or two..) has passed and lots of things has happened! The busy Christmas season has not even started and my calendar is full of things pretty much every day of the week. If I’m not out running or taking Cayla to appointments I’m out photographing a wedding, attending a birthday party, doing paper work, cleaning the house and so on.. but hey, I’m not complaining it’s all good :)

Last Sunday was Tough Mudder and believe it or not I had a GREAT time! It was muddy, wet and crazy but so much fun and I managed to complete all obstacles without too much trouble. Even the “Funky Monkey” (see photo below, I’m to the right in the picture) which was about 20 or so monkey bars to swing across. Plus I didn’t really get electrocuted at all, not sure why but I only got a small zap on my butt when crawling through one of the obstacles and did not get zapped at all in the last crazy 10000v obstacle! It was a very well organised event, great team experience, lots of fun and we will be coming back next year! But next year we’ll bring Gatorade as one of our team members got major cramp the last 5km but he still finished the race!
IMG_5832 IMG_5851




The kids had their yearly Sport’s Carnival last week and it was such a hot day, sunny and 35 degrees..! It was Cayla’s first sport’s day and she did so well in her 50m race, yes, she did come last but not by too much. She was so hot and tired afterwards and didn’t really want to join in the obstacles with her friends. I don’t think she was feeling 100% and was actually home with a runny nose the next day poor thing.
_DSC2319Because Cayla wasn’t feeling very well we didn’t do anything for Halloween which was the day after the Sport’s Carnival. However, after seeing heaps of photos of kids out trick or treating on Facebook I felt a huge quilt trip coming over me and decided to be a good Mum, get organised and throw together a Halloween party for the kids on Friday night instead! They loved it and at least now we have some Halloween decorations for next year….!

It’s not long until the 6inch trail ultra marathon and I’m training most days of the week. My midweek long run is up to 17km and because Mike is out cycling that morning I have to do this run on the treadmill….. yes people.. 17 kilometres on a treadmill!! It’s beyond boring…….. but sometimes you just have to get the job done..
IMG_5874Starting to get a few niggles here and there so trying to be good with the foam roller and have regular sports massage to keep it at bay.
My upper back and calves were pretty sore after Tough Mudder, not used to all those obstacles!
I have recently started a 30day cleanse and detox program with only natural products in the form of shakes and supplements. I’m using these products as add-ons to my usual diet as I’m not trying to lose weight and burning a lot of calories from running. I’m only on day 5 but hoping that it will give me some extra energy which will be great in the weeks leading up to the trail marathon in December. At the moment I’m feeling a bit so and so to be honest but probably because my body is getting rid of horrible toxins. Hopefully it will change for the better in due course! I did 31km on Sunday morning and felt pretty good. This weekend I’m doing 35km on the trails with a friend. She’s picking me up at 4.30am as it will probably take us about 4-4.5 hours and it’s going to be a very hot day on Sunday. Hopefully we won’t get lost… or step on a snake….! There has been quite a few snake sightings lately….. maybe I should stick to road marathons instead..!austrailia_kill_you

Today we’ve been to TCCP as Cayla had an appointment with Dana and Michael at The Lower Limb and Foot Clinic. We see them about once or twice a year to review Cayla’s gait (walk pattern) and talk about serial casting and so on to improve things. I was expecting 3-4 weeks of serial casting as we always do this after Botox and was just hoping they didn’t want Cayla to have serial casting on both feet…. But you know what! Her range of movement is pretty good and they didn’t think she needed any serial casting done at all this time…!!! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Woooohoooooooooooo!!! I’m so happy I could fly to heaven! We just have to continue to aim for overall symmetry and do exercises where she will put more weight on her left foot by riding on her scooter and so on. Cayla’s physio Megan will see her for a few physio therapy sessions and give us a new home program to work on for the next few months. First a place at the Fremantle Language Development school and now no serial casting – happy days!



Duathlon, Botox & Tooth extraction

We’re in the middle of the Spring school holidays here in Perth and it’s great to chill out with no stress in the mornings and no after school activities. Mike had a day off last week and we took the kids to The Royal Show. It was a glorious sunny day and we spent over six hours there and had a great time! Kids came home very tired but happy with a show-bag each.

I have done my first wedding with Fine-Line Photography for the season and I’m looking forward to many more in the next few months. Unfortunately it started to rain during the outdoor ceremony but the sun came out just in time for the formal photo shoot afterwards. The light was so pretty as the sun came out from behind the clouds shining on the bride and her sparkling white dress in the middle of the green lush vineyard! Magic….

On Sunday morning at 6.15am we all jumped into our car and drove to Champion Lakes in Armadale for Nathan’s first Duathlon! He had to run 500m, cycle 2km and finish off with a 250m sprint to the finishing line where he received his medal! He did so well and we are so proud of him for completing the race and also raising money for Cayla and other kids with Cerebral Palsy! Nathan thought the bike ride was quite nice but that the running was hard work – hahaha! Very funny and I was happy that my bike riding husband heard him say it too. ;) My training is still going well and it’s finally light when I drive to the interval sessions at 5.40am in the morning. I’m currently running about 70km/week including the 30km long slow run on Sunday morning. This will increase in the next couple of months as I start building towards the 6inch trail marathon (46km) in December. Just a tad nervous but have read somewhere that a challenge is not a proper one unless it scares you so there we go..!

Yesterday we took Cayla to Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) for her 6- monthly Botox injections. This was the first time she had it done at PMH and it has only taken us about 2,5 years to get to the top of the waiting list. As some of you may remember Cayla fell into our coffee table about 18 months ago and knocked one of her front teeth… In the beginning of the year the dentist explained that the tooth had died and needed to be removed :( Not great but nothing we could do so it was decided to take it out at the same time as her botox at PMH so that is what happened yesterday. Botox in her left leg and tooth extraction. All went well and very fast, the staff at PMH are so nice and very experienced. Cayla woke up fine and had some toast and apple juice before we were good to go home. When we came home Cayla vomited all over the floor, had a shower, some panodil, soft pasta for dinner and then bed. The tooth fairy came for a visit and left a $2 coin under Cayla’s pillow. I though that she would look really weird without her tooth but she looks fine and still very cute!









C2S and WalkAide

It’s been ages I know! I decided to take a little break from the blogging but I know my family in Sweden loves my updates so better get cracking! :)
Since the last post which was my 5km time trial we have been busy with lots of things. The Running Centre organised a great morning for kids to come and learn fun running drills and practise their running technic. Afterwards they put on a sausage sizzle, fruit, balloons and lolly bags! TRC
I am still training six days a week and loving it! The two days of intervals a week has really helped my speed and I managed to pull of a great PB (Personal Best) at City 2 Surf’s Half Marathon a couple of weeks ago. It’s a quite hilly course but I felt really good and ran 21.1km in 1 hour and 50 minutes :DHalfmarathon
The Centre for Cerebral Palsy gave me a great colourful t-shirt to wear but as I only got it two days before the race I didn’t actually run in it as it may have caused me chaffing.. But it was great to have something clean to put on afterwards!

I have recently bought a new kitchen machine and is making all sorts of creations in the kitchen! Smoothies, soups, almond milk, cinnamon buns, bread, protein balls, healthy chocolate and the list goes on. It’s awesome to be able to make things from scratch and know exactly what goes in, i.e. no nasty additives, food colourings or preservatives.
The kids are going well. Nathan is learning about Dr Seuss and his children’s book The Lorax which was first published in 1971. Of course we have now seen the movie about 10 times.

Cayla is enjoying her swimming lessons and weekly speech therapy sessions at Kids Are Kids. She is slowly improving and knows almost all sounds now but still finding it difficult to say ‘L’ and ‘T’ but we’ll get there. For being less than three weeks away from her next Botox she is walking so well! She is either putting her left foot flat on the ground or even getting heel strike – hallelujah! Her physio therapist Jodie at Wize Therapy is really happy with her progress so has recently suggested we should try something called WalkAide on Cayla. This is a medical device that’s using electrical stimulation to improve walking for people with foot drop due to Brain or Spinal diseases or Trauma, such as Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal Cord Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury, or Cerebral Palsy.
walkaideIt all happened very quickly as we are going private and today Cayla had her first trial/fitting! She didn’t mind the actual device but didn’t really like the sensation of the electrical stimulation. But according to the specialist she was doing really well as some kids cry and won’t even accept wearing the device. The device sits just under  Cayla’s left knee and make her lift her toes up every time she takes a step. Pretty amazing stuff! We decided to do another session after she has had her botox and one set of serial casting to increase her range. This will be a really good starting point for her when/if we go ahead with the actual 2 months trial. It’s expensive but totally worth it! Fingers crossed she will accept it and if she does she won’t need to wear her AFOs anymore, just a small orthotic in her shoes probably. I will keep you posted!
Walkaide trail2 WalkAide trial

Sub 25 5k!

It’s been a while since I posted anything but not much exciting has really happened lately. We are busy with the usual stuff such as speech therapy, swimming lessons and physio therapy with Cayla and after school activities for Nathan. The days both kids are at school seems to just fly by! I’m trying to fit in a gymnastics class for Cayla one day a week but it’s difficult to find a suitable time without changing all her other appointments so may just have to leave it for now. I wonder how we’ll fit it all in next year when she is a full-time school…??
I’m on my fifth week of training/coaching and loving it! The interval sessions on Tuesday and Thursday mornings are awesome and hopefully it will make me a much faster and stronger runner. I have no niggles or pains anywhere even though I am running 6 days a week including the two pretty tough speed sessions. I’m averaging about 50k a week at the moment and will steadily increase the km’s with this clever type of training. I would like to run another marathon but will see what happens.
This morning I joined another 160 runners to do a 5k time trial at one of the free ‘parkruns’ in Perth. I was hoping for a sub 25minutes and finished in 22:27!!!! I am absolutely wrapped with this time as I have not really considered myself as a fast runner at all! My first ever race was a 5k in February 2012 just after I finished the running app “Couch to 10k”. I got a bit carried away and took off with the front pack but finished in 26 minutes something and was completely spent afterwards! I have learned a bit more about pacing 18 months on and the most important rule is to never go out too hard… but we all do just that!