One week post marathon

I can’t believe that it has already been a whole week since I ran my first marathon! It’s all a bit surreal like it never happened but I am SO glad that it did and still giving my medal a little rub and a polish every now and then ;) I have spent the week resting, eating ice cream and reading books!
I felt pretty tired and hungry when we got home last Sunday as I didn’t manage to eat more than half a banana and a bit of white bread afterwards. I do remember having a very nice tasting Milo (chocolate milk) that my lovely friend Karen made me! As soon as we came home I had a shower and then pretty much put my beloved 2XU compression pants on and jumped (crawled) into bed. I wasn’t feeling to great after having 5 GU gels…. yuk.. and even though I felt hungry I couldn’t really eat anything. I did manage to have a couple of salty chips and some water before I finally fell asleep. Woke up a few hours later after a fidgety sleep, had scrambled eggs, toast and baked beans and felt great. Later that evening I sat in the couch with a glass of wine and a big grin on my face, I did it, I ran a full marathon…….! Yay for me!
I have recovered really well this week with stiff legs the first two days and then pretty much fine except my right hip that is still bothering me a bit. Had a sports massage on Thursday and even though I am still a bit tired I feel really good. Apparently it takes about 3-4 weeks to fully recover from running a marathon and this week I am only doing slow short runs and gradually adding more in the next few weeks.
I don’t remember much of the last couple of km’s in the marathon except hearing my own inner voice telling me to stay strong and keep running! I also remember thinking that I am never ever doing this again!! Funny that I only two days later would sit in front of my computer looking at new marathons to run…..! No, I have not caught the running bug, I think that I’m actually possessed!! Yes, it was really tough in those last few km’s but the feeling of stepping over that finishing line, the medal around my neck, my friends and family there to congratulate me makes it all worth while! Fundraising to help kids with cerebral palsy, some that will never walk or run is something very close to my heart and made this whole experience much more worthwhile! Running a marathon has never been on my bucket list but after finishing one I get it….. I really do and I will be coming back for more! :)
IMG_4687   medal

Perth Marathon 2013

I did it! I ran 42.2km in the Perth Marathon yesterday! I still can’t quite believe it and keep looking at all the photos and my beautiful medal as proof that it really happened :) My legs are pretty stiff today but overall I am feeling pretty good. It was a perfect day for running, a bit cold in the morning with only 5 degrees or so but warmed up to a lovely 17 degrees I think. _DSC9374I wasn’t too nervous and actually managed to sleep quite well the night before. The only thing that bothered me was that I two days ago realised that my sports drink that I have been training with has no carbs in it which means that I only had about 20 grams of carbs per hour when training for the marathon. The recommendations are somewhere between 30-60g/hour…. meaning about one gel + sports drink should be about right. That made me nervous but decided to have a gel every 45 minutes instead, there was nothing else I could do as you really don’t want to change anything on race day.
I started out well and it was just magic watching all the runners along the river around Burswood and East Perth. The advice I got before the race was to try to run the first 20km with an easy pace and that worked quite well. I was enjoying the scenery and there was lots of people along the course clapping their hands and cheering the runners on which was really nice. Along the way towards Applecross the leaders of the pack were coming back and they looked fierce! Absolute machines and utterly amazing runners! The winner came in at 2.24…! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
Around the 27km mark I had a bit of a dip and felt tired but pushed through thanks to my lovely support team out there. Mike and the kids kept popping up along the whole course and also had some friends cheering me on which was so nice!
_DSC9390I got to the 32km mark and had 4km along the freeway to the Narrows Bridge where my running buddy Kath was waiting for me. I always hated running this bit in training as it just a straight road and seems to go on forever but now I felt really strong and my legs were just pounding the pavement like a machine – what an awesome feeling! I got a bit bored half way and found myself counting cars driving on the freeway… weird, I have never done that in training! Came up to the 36km mark and saw Mike, the kids and my gorgeous friend Karen waiting for me! It was great seeing them again and at this point I felt really good!_DSC9399
Met up with Kath and at about 38km I felt really tired and decided to have my last gel to fuel the last couple of k’s to the finish line. Gulped down the gel and realised I had no water or sports drink left at all in my fuel belt….. Luckily a water station was coming up and Kath helped me fill up one of my bottles while I had a big drink of water. Walked a bit and really didn’t want to start running again but in the end I did and all I could think was – keep running, you are strong, don’t stop, keep running, I can do this… Finally the 40km mark came up and after what felt like forever the 41km and then the beautiful 42km mark came up – YES only 200 meters to go, I am going to make it, I am going to finish a marathon – YAY! YAY! Friggin YAY!
I got a medal around my neck, hobbled over to a table and grabbed a drink before I met up with my gorgeous friends Karen, Frida, Helen, Erika and of course my amazing husband Mike, Nathan and Cayla that had been following me around the whole course cheering me on! I got flowers and champagne and nearly had a cry…. I can’t believe that I have actually ran a marathon! What a great journey it has been; the training, my running buddies, half marathons, aches and pains, fundraising for TCCP finally leading up to this amazing day. Oh and my time was 4hrs and 20mins.
THANKS to everyone that has supported me by donating to Cayla’s challenge! A big thank you to my amazing support team that was cheering me on yesterday – Kath, Jo, Vanessa, Karen, Frida, Helen, Erika, Cheryl and of course my hubby and the kids! Love you guys! _DSC9410 _DSC9418 6 8 Perth Marathon

Bring on Carb Loading

Ok time to keep calm and focus… only a few days to go before the Perth marathon! My three weeks of tapering have been all over the place. The first week I was crazy hungry and had aches and pains everywhere which didn’t do much at all for my confidence.. Did some research online and found a page talking about “Taper Traps” and could definitely relate to some of them. Things like craving carbs, phantom pains and heavy legs described my week in a nutshell! Not great but good to know that it is quite common and all normal! Last week I felt much better, I only did some shorter runs plus x-training at the gym to reduce the heavy impact running has on your body and my hunger is back to normal thankfully! This last week is all about taking it easy, doing some short runs to keep the legs going, carb loading and staying positive…!

A big THANKS goes to all friends and family that have so far made a donation towards Cayla’s wheelie big challenge!! We really appreciate your support!
If you would like to support me for this Sunday’s Perth Marathon please follow the link to our fundraising page! All donations are much appreciated – large or small :)  

Any supporters here in Perth are more than welcome to come and cheer me on during the marathon this Sunday morning, I will be running for +4 hours so would be awesome to see some familiar faces along the way :D


2 Weeks to Go!

The first week of tapering has been alright but still not feeling 100% which is very frustrating. Went for a 60 min walk on Monday to loosen up my legs from the 32k run the day before. Did a 7k pace run on my treadmill on Tuesday, RPM at the gym on Wednesday and had an appointment at the physio on Thursday…. I have a sore ankle and hip so thought I better have it checked before it’s gets worse.. Apparently it’s tendonitis and I need to keep icing my ankle a couple of times a day and I also need to give my very stiff feet a good massage every night by rolling them on a golf ball. Too stiff big toe makes me roll more towards the other poor toes when running which puts pressure on my ankle. My hip is apparently sore because I am tight in my abdominal muscles on the right side so need to give that area a bit of a massage too. My physio put some acupuncture needles in my shin and as much as I know that it works great I hate the way it feels.. not painful but still a weird not-so-nice-feeling.
Went for a slow 9k run in the sun yesterday but ended up with a very sore hip afterwards that I had to lay on the couch with an ice pack most of the evening :( Since I am tapering anyway I have decided to rest completely today so I am ready for my 19k run tomorrow. Things like this frustrates me as all I want to do is go for a run…!

Came home to such a nice surprise today! A letter from my lovely grandparents in Sweden with a very sweet card and a newspaper article about a Swedish girl training for Stockholm Marathon which actually is today! This girl is a machine and running 42.2km in 3 hours which I am far from but still like to read about her training on her personal blog
Tack finaste momo och mofa for artikeln och tipset om sopsack for att halla mig varm innan starten! :D

It’s Taper Time!

I have nearly completed my Marathon program which means I have less than 3 weeks until Perth Marathon! I did my last long run of 32km last Sunday and felt a bit so and so…. didn’t feel 100% well and ended up walking the last 800m but got it done so happy with that. This week I am still putting in nearly the same amount of training as last week but the longest run will only be 19k. These last 3 weeks are all about tapering which basically means slowly cutting back on training so the body will be all rested and fit for Race Day.

Perth-MarathonStill can’t quite believe that I am actually going to run a full marathon! I really enjoy running and curious to see how far I can push myself so will just have to ignore any negative thoughts, trust my training and do the best that I can! Mike and the kids will definitely be there supporting me on the day and I even have a friend who has kindly offered to run the last 10km with me! :D

I am running this marathon not only for myself but also to raise important funds to help Cayla and other kids with cerebral palsy. I am at the Centre for Cerebral Palsy (TCCP) most weeks and I can’t tell you enough how much the wheelchairs, walkers, modified bikes and other specialised equipment means to these kids. Their happy little faces when they finally have a chance to do something we all take for granted such as riding a bike or to be able to move around independently with a walker or a funky electric car. There is a whole range of equipment that can help make these kids lives a whole lot easier so please please please click the link to Cayla’s Fundraising Page and make a fast and secure online donation from anywhere in the world! Any donations are greatly appreciated – large or small! Thanks!