Marathon Crazyness

Today I ran the Perth Marathon! Maybe a bit crazy since it’s only been two weeks since I finished my first ultra marathon of 76kms… Anyway, I felt good and had already registered so thought I would give it a go. I certainly didn’t run for a specific time or PB (personal best)!! I was just happy to shuffle along with my friend Leisha as she completed her long run in the lead-up to her first marathon over on the Gold Coast in a few weeks time!
It was a fresh 6 degrees at 7am in the morning but like last year it was a beautiful sunny day! The start was awesome and I felt great cruising along on a 5.45/km pace as we ran from Crown Casino towards Narrows Bridge. Though as soon as I met Leisha at the 5km mark we ended up running at a 5.30/km pace which was way too fast this early in the race. At about 29-30km my calf started to hurt and shortly after that I really started to struggle. After turning around at the 30km mark (by the blue boat shed) the head wind felt so strong and I had to stop and walk a little. That wasn’t such a good idea as within seconds my legs started to seize up and it was more painful to walk than to run! We managed to run to Narrows Bridge where Leisha had done her 30kms and left me to finish of the race. It was a really tough last 10kms and as much as I wanted to walk I knew it was going to hurt even more so managed to move forward with a slow jog. Despite my sore calf and slow shuffle I finished the race in 4 hours and 13 minutes and ended up with a 7 minutes PB! Very surprised by it but definitely happy since I wasn’t bothered about my finishing time at all today. I know I can pull off a sub 4 hour marathon but the question is if I really want/need to? I’m not sure the flat road marathons really is my cup of tea. I much prefer long hilly trails I think.. Even though I’m feeling pretty broken tonight and my toenails are looking horrible it’s been an amazing year of running! I have achieved more than I ever hoped for with the 76km ultra marathon being the number one! Now time for rest and recovery. We’re off to Sweden in 11days time and I can’t wait to see my family and friends again!