Sub 25 5k!

It’s been a while since I posted anything but not much exciting has really happened lately. We are busy with the usual stuff such as speech therapy, swimming lessons and physio therapy with Cayla and after school activities for Nathan. The days both kids are at school seems to just fly by! I’m trying to fit in a gymnastics class for Cayla one day a week but it’s difficult to find a suitable time without changing all her other appointments so may just have to leave it for now. I wonder how we’ll fit it all in next year when she is a full-time school…??
I’m on my fifth week of training/coaching and loving it! The interval sessions on Tuesday and Thursday mornings are awesome and hopefully it will make me a much faster and stronger runner. I have no niggles or pains anywhere even though I am running 6 days a week including the two pretty tough speed sessions. I’m averaging about 50k a week at the moment and will steadily increase the km’s with this clever type of training. I would like to run another marathon but will see what happens.
This morning I joined another 160 runners to do a 5k time trial at one of the free ‘parkruns’ in Perth. I was hoping for a sub 25minutes and finished in 22:27!!!! I am absolutely wrapped with this time as I have not really considered myself as a fast runner at all! My first ever race was a 5k in February 2012 just after I finished the running app “Couch to 10k”. I got a bit carried away and took off with the front pack but finished in 26 minutes something and was completely spent afterwards! I have learned a bit more about pacing 18 months on and the most important rule is to never go out too hard… but we all do just that!