From couch to 10km – Done!

Woooohooooo! I can now proudly say that I am no longer a couch potato! I have finished the program on my downloaded app on my IPhone (El10K) and is now running more than 10km – YAY! It has been great to have this app the last 10 weeks and I would never have run this much without it.. no way… I am alright the first 7-8 km and then the negotiation with myself starts…! Haha, so funny but I just kept pushing myself and refused to give up!

I will keep running the 10km (or more) a couple of times a week as I would like to improve my speed but I’m really looking forward going back to the gym for my usual combat and pump classes. I highly recommend this application to anyone who wants to improve their fitness and be able to run 10km :) I shall now reward myself with a new pair of trainers!

Attention all busy, hard-working mums out there…

A couple of weeks ago I was feeling really tired and sluggish every day and I was drinking Powerade in the afternoons to boost my energy to stay awake the rest of the evening. But after a recommendation from my dear friend Linda I bought some new vitamins called Mum’s Rescue. This Mega Multivitamin is packed with good stuff and I could feel a difference within just 2-3 days! You get them from the health shops and cost is about $24 for a pack of 30 (1 months supply). Or you can order them online here which is a lot cheaper. Just beware of your wee… it comes out fluoride yellow!! :)