Nathan has had gastro most of the last week but is finally getting better! We have managed to get to some of the swimming lessons booked in but have mainly spent our days lazing around at home. It is pretty cold in Perth at the moment and the houses are freezing cold inside which I dislike. Brick houses with no or very little insulation and no double glazed windows so the gas heater is on most of the day to keep us warm. But, I shouldn’t complain since we still have sunny days with around 20 degrees in winter so could be worse!
I have finished my first training week with a coach and is feeling pretty tired. I haven’t done any interval training since I started my running journey, just different distances with a similar pace and RPM (indoor cycling) once or twice a week. This training schedule has two interval sessions a week, one tempo run, a long run and some recovery runs in between so will see how I go. The second interval training on Thursday morning was fast and fun! We did 200m x 6 fast running with 200m steady running in between. Repeat two times plus warm-up and cool-down. Hard work but loved it!
Last day of the holidays today and we have been to “Disney on Ice” which was an awesome show! Cayla loved it but I think there might have been just too many princesses for Nathan’s liking! Luckily they had slushies for sale to keep him happy and entertained ;) Afterwards we had lunch at the big M, not my choice but I was just too tired to say no…. Time for a ‘mama nap’, it’s been a busy day zzzzzz
Disney on Ice 2013