Cayla started daycare today and she loves it! She played all day and ate 3 bowls of noodles with vegetable for lunch. She didn’t want to sleep after lunch as she was way too excited with all the other kids in the same room.

I was pretty teary when I was walking to my car after I had dropped Nathan off at school, it felt like I left something or someone behind… A weird feeling so ended up having a bit of a cry in the car and called a friend. She insured me that Cayla was having a great time at daycare so no need to be teary and we decided to meet for lunch later on. I perked up, got myself a coffee and did some work before I enjoyed a quite lunch with my good friend :) Cayla was happy when Nathan and I picked her up and the staff said that she had a great day! The only thing I am a bit annoyed over is that none of the staff seemed to have read through the information provided in the enrollment form… Not that she as heaps of special needs but surely it would have been good for them to at least read through it….? I will speak to them about it next week.