Sub 25 5k!

It’s been a while since I posted anything but not much exciting has really happened lately. We are busy with the usual stuff such as speech therapy, swimming lessons and physio therapy with Cayla and after school activities for Nathan. The days both kids are at school seems to just fly by! I’m trying to fit in a gymnastics class for Cayla one day a week but it’s difficult to find a suitable time without changing all her other appointments so may just have to leave it for now. I wonder how we’ll fit it all in next year when she is a full-time school…??
I’m on my fifth week of training/coaching and loving it! The interval sessions on Tuesday and Thursday mornings are awesome and hopefully it will make me a much faster and stronger runner. I have no niggles or pains anywhere even though I am running 6 days a week including the two pretty tough speed sessions. I’m averaging about 50k a week at the moment and will steadily increase the km’s with this clever type of training. I would like to run another marathon but will see what happens.
This morning I joined another 160 runners to do a 5k time trial at one of the free ‘parkruns’ in Perth. I was hoping for a sub 25minutes and finished in 22:27!!!! I am absolutely wrapped with this time as I have not really considered myself as a fast runner at all! My first ever race was a 5k in February 2012 just after I finished the running app “Couch to 10k”. I got a bit carried away and took off with the front pack but finished in 26 minutes something and was completely spent afterwards! I have learned a bit more about pacing 18 months on and the most important rule is to never go out too hard… but we all do just that!

Target Reached!

After the school’s Free Dress Day we have reached our fundraising target of $2500 for Cayla’s Wheelie Big Challenge! Woohoo! Thank you all so much for supporting us in this worthy cause! 100% of the funds will go towards the centre’s wish list which means very important mobility, communication and sleeping aids for children with Cerebral  palsy! Last year Cayla was given a communication device called Vantage Lite, this is a very expensive piece of equipment that will make a huge difference to her speech and language. It also means Cayla will be able to take part in more, if not all, activities at school :D
Even though we have reached our target we will continue our fundraising another couple of months. Mike still has his big bike ride “Hell of the North” coming up in September and we have also signed Nathan up for his first Duathlon in October! A duathlon is like a triathlon but without the swim part. He will run 500m, cycle 1.5km and finish with a 250 run. Hoping he will really enjoy the race, the medal and of course to raise money for Cayla and other kids with cerebral palsy :)
I have had four weeks of rest and slow running to recover from the Perth Marathon and feeling ready to start the hard training again. I am doing the City 2 Surf 1/2 marathon with a friend end of August and also signed up for Tough Mudder which is 21km full of crazy obstacles such as ice, mud, tunnels, walls, monkey bars, electrical shocks…..! I’m doing this in a team so should be a fun but tough and crazy experience for sure!
I would love to run another marathon and have decided to get some coaching to improve both my form and time for the next one! The Running Centre (TRC) is offering this type of coaching and I had my first ever group interval training session yesterday morning. After warm-up and running drills we did 1600m fast running x 4 with two minutes rest in between and I remember thinking holy cow…. am I actually paying someone to run this hard….and in pouring rain..?? But luckily I felt better after a while and finished strong, did a quick stretch and then home so Mike could leave for work! Next group session is short intervals tomorrow and hopefully the crazy storm will stay away and that I will remember my Garmin watch so my coach can check my progress.
It’s the second week of school holidays and we are really enjoying lazy mornings combined with swimming lessons, play dates, movies and some fun local kids activities.
Cayla has had her assessment for the application to the language school done and her speech pathologist will now write a rapport to go with it. She probably won’t get a place next year but that’s ok, we are happy for her to stay at Jandakot Primary School as we think it’s a great school! She is making good progress and we just love hearing her saying ‘Nathan’ all day long, so cute! Her new private speech pathologist is really great and we are very happy that she has taken Cayla on as she usually only works with kids with dyspraxia.
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