What a great Christmas

This year I had such a nice time over Christmas that it’s totally worth a blog post :) As you know I usually find it quite hard to get in to any kind of Christmas spirit as it’s too hot outside! But this year it was only 30 degrees and I had the best time! 
We celebrated Swedish Christmas with a group of friends on the 24th and our gorgeous host Frida had done such a great job decorating her house! It looked awesome and made us all feel the Christmas spirit from top to toe. We had a table full of yummy Swedish food, drank lots of alcohol, swam in the pool, and even had Santa over for a quick visit. Though I’m not sure a Santa with a French accent and no shoes was the best choice… but he did do a great job and the kids loved it :) His 3.5 year old daughter totally knew who he was so we will have to be more clever about the choice of Santa for next year!
We stayed all day long and the kids were knackered when we got home and so were we! But as I had promised Nathan that he could open the Christmas gifts from his grandma (mormor) in Sweden they didn’t end up in bed until after 9pm sometime.. We also had to put out a glass of milk for Santa and a bucket of water and carrots for the reindeers. 

When the kids were tucked in bed Mike and I had to get all the hidden presents from ‘Santa’, put them under the tree and in their Christmas stockings. Then we had to drink the milk, empty the bucket of water and chomp on the carrots as a reindeer would have chewed on them :)

Cayla woke up at 5.15am on Christmas Day so at 6am we woke Nathan up so they could see if Santa had been to our house or not. Cayla yelled out a big ‘WOW’ when she saw her little kitchen and played there all morning. Nathan was very impressed with what Santa had brought this year as well, lots of lego, star wars, marble game and so on :)

At noon we drove to Mike’s parents for more Christmas celebrations, lots of yummy food, Christmas gifts and good company! Mike’s parents did a great job hosting the day as usual and even though we didn’t have a visit from Santa the kids had a great time opening the presents under the tree and swimming in the pool! Two days of eating and drinking too much…. I need a detox..!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and with only one day to go before this year is over I take the opportunity to say Happy New Year! Bring on 2012! :D

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