Our 7th Anniversary

For our anniversary last year Mike surprised me with a really nice and funny booklet about what was going to happen on the day. He had organised baby sitters and one night at the Burswood Hotel. We had a great weekend chilling out by the pool and enjoying predinner drinks at the Neil Perry’s Rockpool, dinner at the Atrium and finished off gambling at the Casino! The self-portrait is not a very classy one but it is however taken in the very classy toilet at the Rockpool!

After that we decided that we would share the organising of our anniversaries in the future so this year it was my time to come up with something great. I made him believe that I hadn’t organised anything and that we would just go out for dinner or something simple this year. He wasn’t impressed…. But, little did he know that I had already booked a night in one of the posh suits at the Duxton Hotel with predinner drinks and nibbles, and a gourmet breakfast in their very exclusive club lounge on the top floor overlooking Swan River! I had also made dinner reservations at the Aviary and later on drinks at their very cool roof terrace Miami style! Mike was a bit shocked but excited over the surprise and we had a great time. Big thanks to Anthony & Hanna for looking after our little monsters!
Next year will probably be a bit more low-key, dinner and drinks is fine with me. Mike however suggested this would be a great idea……

7th Wedding Anniversary – Copper or Wool: Copper has long had a traditional meaning of prosperity, good luck, and good fortune. Couples who celebrate their seventh wedding anniversary can indeed celebrate their good fortune in finding one another.