A Big Fat Lip

It is so much better now when Cayla hasn’t got a cast on anymore and she is back playing in the sandpit and doing the dishes which she absolutely love! She is only wearing her new AFOs for about 2 hours a day at the moment so we are using the elektrodress in the morning instead of the afternoon. This works better anyway as we  should combine the elektrodress with stretching and/or strengthening activities. We are still trying to come up with the best way of doing physio, speech, elektrodress, AFOs and so on but again, it’s all about a balance. Time in AFOs and time out of them are equally important. We are toilet training at the moment which was rather difficult during the serial casting…! But when she’s on the toilet we are blowing little tissue butterflies from toilet paper to practice her blowing and strengthening her muscles in and around her mouth. Every little helps I suppose!
Dr Michael Proessler, the man in charge of the Elektrodress here in Australia, came to visit us a couple of weeks ago to review Cayla and he was very happy with her progress. After a few minor modifications he left Perth and headed back to Tasmania but he plan to be back here in Perth in June/July sometimes. Next time he will bring the equipment, some information in English and hopefully do a presentation at TCCP. He has already been in contact with a couple of interested parents :)

Today was Cayla’s first day at her prekindy and I had lots of things planned as it is Nathan’s birthday tomorrow! However, things did not turn out that way.. Last night Nathan and Cayla were playing in the couch and had lots of fun until Cayla fell down and smashed her mouth on our coffee table… This resulted in a big fat lip, blood and lots of tears so the first thing I had to do this morning was to make an appointment with a dentist. Her front tooth is a bit loose and the one next to it has moved inwards plus it’s really blue and swollen… The dentist had a look at her but sent us away with a referral to a specialist pediatric dentist whom we are seeing tomorrow afternoon….
As the dentist appointment was just after lunch Cayla only spent the morning at her prekindy Ability Plus but seem to like it which is good. When I went to pick her up I met a girl that I know from TCCP who was there with her son who also has got cerebral palsy.

Before and After Cayla smashed her face in to our coffee table..

This is what Cayla had to say about it on the Vantage Lite:

Anyway, tomorrow is Nathan’s 6th birthday and we have spent the whole afternoon making cupcakes for him to bring to school tomorrow. Both kids ate way too much buttercream icing and was literally bouncing around all evening but they had a lot of fun! Nathan’s birthday party is this weekend and the theme is of course LEGO! :)