Beetroot Shot

Woohoo! Ran 27km in 2 hours and 40 minutes today! Last time I ran that far it took me 3 hours.. and then I got sick and couldn’t really run for two weeks. Not great but that will teach me for running with a head cold. I had a sports massage yesterday so was a bit worried about this run since last time it made me feel really tired but all good and maybe thanks to the beetroot shot I drank before the run?? Wish I could run with the girls tomorrow morning but Mike is going for a bike ride with some mates :( Instead I’m taking the kids to a birthday party and then I’m off to The Running Centre in the city for a 4-hour Re-evolution Running Technique Course!

beetroot shot

Compression tights and chafing

Went for a long run this morning and now laying on the
couch with my 2XU compression tights on, sipping water with lemon
juice and a pinch of salt watching a documentary called “Melbourne
Zoo celebrating 150 years”. Trying to see any familiar faces as I
worked as a Keeper there in 1995 for three months and loved it! I
had so much fun that I decided to stay in Australia anther 6 months
and travel up the east coast to Cairns with a friend instead of
returning to my studies in Sweden…

It’s been a tough week with lots of
training and looking after a sick little Cayla. Her fever just
didn’t want to go away so yesterday her dad took her to the doctors
and so glad he did as it turns out she has an ear infection poor
girl. Straight onto antibiotics and she finally slept the whole
night. Sunday is my day doing a long run and coffee with my running
buddies afterwards so I was pleased to get at least one good night
sleep this week! Of course I have managed to get a small cold but
after doing some research online I decided that a long run today
should be fine. They say that if the cold is from the neck and
above (runny nose, sneezing) it’s ok to run but if the cold is from
the neck and below (chest, lungs) it’s better to stay home. So
alarm went of at 4.40am again and I felt ok so had some breakfast
and got myself organised. It’s funny how much stuff I have with me
when going for a run…. garmin watch, fuel belt, gels, banana,
water bottles, electrolytes, iPhone + case, head phones, cap…..
Plus that I spent 30 minutes (I’m slow) taping my feet last night
to avoid shin splints after recommendation from my physio. I don’t
run with the banana or water bottles but leave them in the car for
after the run! :D It was really dark when I arrived in Kings Park
but a beautiful ‘crisp’ Autumn morning with a temperature of 18
degrees. I ran about 15,5k before meeting the girls and then we all
did a 12k run together. I was feeling pretty good but it was
getting warmer and by the end of the run I was feeling pretty
tired. Hopefully I didn’t bring down the pace for the girls too
much and when my watch said 27k I decided to walk the last 800
meters or so to the car. Really enjoyed the coffee and muffin with
the girls afterwards :D

2XU tightsSo here I am chilling out
in the couch trying to do all the things right and hopefully
recover quickly! My legs are pretty sore and for some reason my
hips are sore as well. I also have some chafing on my back…..from
my running bra and from the pocket in my running tights where I
kept the car key.. aaoooch… Advise please!photo Anyway hope you are all having a
great weekend! In about an hour I’m meeting up with some
girlfriends for coffee and cake in Leederville! What an awesome way
to spend a Sunday arvo!