4.40am in the morning….

My training is in full swing and I am really enjoying it. On Sunday I did 24km which is the longest I have ever run so feeling pretty chuffed :) I felt alright afterwards and went home and tried an ice bath for the first time.. VERY cold but my legs felt great!
I haven’t yet decided what races to sign up for this year but we are definitely doing the Joondalup 1/2 marathon in May again and maybe improve my time as well.

Tphotoo get up for a run this morning was tough I have to admit… Cayla was up in the middle of the night complaining that she was sick and I didn’t sleep very well.. But I’m always tired that early in the mornings so it’s just to get up and get out there.. An hour later, stretch and coffee and I felt fine! I promise, I don’t get up early every day of the week.. only when I need to do the longer runs! Though I can’t describe how beautiful it is to run along the river at Matilda Bay as the sun is slowly rising over the hills in Perth…

Unfortunately Cayla is a bit sick today so we are just having a chill-out day at home watching movies. Olive leaf extract should sort it out and hopefully she won’t pass it on as I really can’t be bothered getting sick…

Lately I have been trying to cut out gluten from my diet and it makes me feel a lot better. Not that I had any particular health problems before but just wanted to reduce our wheat intake and see/feel the change for myself. I found it difficult to come up with breakfast but I make a super yummy smoothie a couple of times a week that I just have to share. It’s a Berry Cardamom Smoothie from the Gluten Free Cat’s website www.glutenfreecat.com
You will need: Almond Milk, Protein Powder, cardamom, almond butter, soaked chia seeds, blueberries, blackberries and mango. I just use whatever frozen berries that I have in the freezer and skip the protein powder if the kids are sharing. The cardamom makes is taste great! You could try cocoa powder if you want a more chocolate flavour – yum! _DSC4586Great that we are spending the day at home as we just received two big parcels from the post man! New funky bibs for Cayla from Sweden and a pair of new running shoes for me! Woohoo! So excited and can’t wait to try them out :D

Bikram Yoga

My training has been a bit so and so the last couple of months.. I was doing really well until my 1/2 marathon in Joondalup end of May this year but after travelling to Sweden it slowly went downhill…! It was a complete change to train in rain instead of lovely sunshine that we are so spoilt with here in Perth! I could have just relaxed on my holiday but as I had already entered a 1/2 marathon in Stockholm in June I had no choice but to keep it up! :) So I did, and on the same day as Dan & Linda’s wedding I ran 21km in beautiful (but hilly!) countryside around Vallentuna Lake. It was a pretty cold and windy day and I was freezing cold at about the 12k mark and ready to pull out… but after gulping down a gel and challenged my mental strength I finished the race in 2 hours and 9 minutes. Not an amazing time but just glad to have finished! :) It was such a well organised race and all the participants were very well looked after before, during and after the run, gotta love Swedish organisation! I spent some time stretching afterwards and then quickly drove home to shower and change into a dress for Dan & Linda’s wedding. I slept with a pair of compression socks that night and so glad I did as my legs felt pretty good the next day!
Back in Perth and I have just invested in some new running gear! New shoes (mizuno inspire), 2XU compression pants, sports bra and socks :) I buy most of my gear from The Running Centre as they give excellent service and also gives me great discounts!

Something else I will buy is a foam roller, they hurt like hell but work like magic on your sore muscles. My friend Maria’s partner Shawn is a PT and  crossfit guru in Gothenburg and he recently gave me a lesson in foam rolling – ouch!! Check out his website here.
I have found a running group south of the river that I might join for some interval and strength training on the weekdays. Talking about strength training, today I did my first Bikram Yoga class!
This type of yoga consists of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises all conducted in a very hot (about 40 degrees) and humid room over 90 minutes. I was sweating so much that I didn’t think was possible and sometimes had to sit down on my mat as I felt a bit faint.. It was an interesting experience and I am not sure I either loved it or hated it… weird but I know that I will soon return for another class! I bought their introduction pass for $20 which means unlimited training over the next 10 days to really get a feel for it.

Next up is City to Surf on the 26th of August. We are a couple of girls doing the 12k run which should be a lot of fun! :)

Half Marathon – Joondalup Lake

I did it! Yesterday I ran 21km and I have my sore legs and stiff walk to proof it! I also received a medal at the finish which I wasn’t aware of and of course very proud of! It’s slowly starting to sink in that I actually finished my goal of running a half marathon, especially since I started my ‘couch to 10k’ app on my Iphone only seven months ago!

The last couple of months have been great and I have to say that somehow I’m happy that I couldn’t go to my usual classes at the gym due to Cayla’s therapy appointments and picked up running instead. Running is such a great way of getting fit and strong plus that I really enjoy it. I was pretty nervous about the race/run yesterday but it was great to wake up to a nice and sunny autumn day here in Perth. It was pretty chilly when I met up with my running buddy Kath at Joondalup Lake at 7am but slowly started to warm up to a pleasant 20 degrees or so. 

The first stretch of the track was great and pretty flat on a nice path along the lake itself. Shame that I managed to get a stitch at the start which didn’t give in until 5-6 kms…! I was feeling particularly good around the 10km mark and both Kath and I had a gel at about 12km. Then we ran at least 6-7km along a very straight road that seemed to go on forever…! It felt great to pass the 15km mark , we stopped talking at about 17km and I felt alright up until 19km or so… after that my calves were hurting a bit and all I could think was – how bloody long is 2k really…!?! Then finally we could see the end where there were people cheering and clapping, and among them Mike, the kids and Mike’s mum and dad! :) It was such a great feeling running up to the finish line and receive a medal. Yay for us! :)

I did everything to recover well yesterday but was still feeling pretty knackered and had a headache. But after consuming a banana, a muesli bar, lunch, water, chocolate milk, sports drink and neurofen I felt better! Mike’s mum came over in the afternoon with a big tub of ‘Endura’ and a package of Epsom salts – thank you very much! I woke up stiff as anything and couldn’t walk very well this morning… We had a physio and a speech appointment for Cayla today and after that I took her for a walk to feed some ducks and hopefully the walk will loosen up my leg muscles… I am to ‘scared’ to do the whole ice bath thingy so will try a warm bath with some Epsom Salt tonight instead. Anyway, I’m already thinking about what 1/2 marathon race I want to do next… But this week I will take it easy and think more about what we need  to pack for our trip to Sweden as we are leaving this SUNDAY! Woohoo!

Running App Completed!

Another 12 weeks have passed and I have finished my 1/2 marathon training app! Woohoo! I can’t believe that I couldn’t hardly run 5k a few months ago and now an 8-10k run is an ‘easy’ midweek run! I LOVE meeting up with my two running buddies Chatarina and Kath on Saturday mornings for a long run with coffees afterwards. These girls have been running for many years with both 1/2 marathons and marathons under their belts. Kath is doing the 1/2 marathon with me which is awesome! It’s also great that two of my other friends Helen and Erika have picked up running and are currently training for the HBF 14k race end of May – Go Girls!!
All my training sessions have been logged at Training Peaks over the last 84 days and I have done over 54 hours of exercise and completed nearly 350km in distance. In five weeks time I’ll be running my first ever 1/2 marathon, I am very excited and can’t wait!
A week after that the Beach Family is leaving for a 7 week trip to Sweden and England – YAY! 

Saturday mornings in beautiful Kings Park


Running & Running!

My training for a 1/2 marathon is going well, I run the short runs around the area I live (a mix between 6-9km) and the longer runs in Kings Park. My friend Chatarina (who ran the Sydney Marathon a couple of years ago) is running with me on Saturday mornings and it’s great to have a running buddy. Much more fun than running alone plus I’m loving the well deserved coffee afterwards! I ran 11.4km yesterday and will add a mile (1.6km) every week to gradually reach my goal of 21km.

I have finally invested in a pair of great running shoes and amazing socks from our friend Jason’s store The Running Centre on Hay Street in West Perth. Go and check it out, they have lots of cool stuff and very friendly service plus they are open on Sundays :) Can’t believe that I had my old trainers over 10 years…… yuk!

I did a short 5km race at Point Walter last weekend and caught by the adrenalin pumping at the start I finished 26 minutes later.. That is certainly faster than I normally run so for the next race I will tone it down and find my pace instead of rushing away like a crazy antelope! I rang Mike after the race and was wondering where my support team were..??? He laughed and said that Nathan was still asleep and Cayla was having her breakfast! The race started at 7am so I don’t blame them.. but hopefully they will be a bit more supportive for my next race which is the  Asics Bridges Fun Run (10k) in April! :)

I have just looked through the result list on the WAMC’s website and my time was 25:59, place 70 out of 197 runners and no 22 of 111 females – not bad!

Hot and sweaty just after the race..!

1/2 Marathon – here we go!

Ok, so I have caught the running bug and have therefore decided to train for my first 1/2 marathon! I’ve joined Training Peaks and bought a program from Hal Higdon to keep me on track with the training and also to keep me motivated :)

This program is over 12 weeks but I will do it over the next 17 weeks so it will coincide with a 1/2 marathon here in Perth. There are also a couple of other shorter runs that I will do such as a 5k and 10k. You can buy this program as an app for your phone here but this time I will stick with Training Peaks and Runkeeper instead and will also do most of the runs outside rather than the treadmill. I ran 5km on the treadmill yesterday and it was soooo booooring… Really need to get up early and run outside instead, just find it incredibly hard to go to bed early and wake up at 6am… Also not sure if this week was the best choice to start my training program as a massive heat wave has just hit Perth but hey, just gotta do it!!

Happy Australia Day for tomorrow! Slip – Slap – Slop! It’s going to be a very hot day!!