Fun Run & Tooth Chest

A crazy busy week of sickness, appointments, work and birthday celebrations was ended by running the ASICS Bridges Fun Run (10k) yesterday morning with a group of friends. It was a beautiful day for the race and afterwards we all met up with our families on South Perth foreshore for a massive brunch!

Me, Anette, Erika & Helen!

This time of the year is such a busy one, not only the wedding season which mean lots of work for me but also both Cayla and Nathan’s birthdays. Nathan’s is coming up in a few weeks time so time to get my act together and start the planning!

Tooth Chest :)

Nathan lost his 2nd tooth on Cayla’s birthday last week!
He lost his first one only a couple of weeks ago and now they seem to be falling out like crazy! He’s going to look seriously funny when the top two teeth goes and he won’t be able to eat his favourite food – apples…! :)

Summer is definitely over as we have had some cold winds and rain lately and I welcome Autumn with open arms, reminds me of Europe and it’s a lot more pleasant to run outside now. Cayla was given a gorgeous purple Tinkerbell hoodie for her birthday and she looks SO cute rugged up in it. I’m looking forward to boots, jacket and scarves!

We have been to TCCP today for some serial casting on Cayla’s left foot, I wasn’t  looking forward to it but it has to be done in order to help flex her foot more than 90 degrees. With cerebral palsy, muscles are often affected by increased tone/spasticity and therefore tend to move less. If a muscle remains in the same position over a long period of time they can shorten and not work as efficient as it should. Therefore it’s very important to maintain an adequate length of the muscles and this type of prolonged stretch will ensure the bones grow as they should, improve Cayla’s posture and also help her walk with a ‘heal – toe’ pattern. Usually she only need casting for about 2 weeks (2 casts) and time goes pretty quick. Serial casting is done about 5-6 weeks after Botox as this is when the Botox is at its peak. We have noticed a huge difference the last couple of days as her left heel is coming down on the floor a lot more than before. Serial casting is part of the post Botox program that we follow through TCCP. Strengthening exercises and other types of stretches are also part of this program, all to make the most of the effects from the Botox and to promote function and development.

Oh, nearly forgot – Cayla got a place in the pre-kindy/school readiness program at Ability Plus so will be starting after the Easter holidays!