31/12 2013 – Together with the help of our amazing family and friends we managed to raise more than $4400 for The Centre for Cerebral Palsy in 2013!

We have decided to once again take part in an event called Wheelie Big Challenge (WBC) which is organised by The Centre for Cerebral Palsy (TCCP) here in Perth. This is a year-long event where people become ‘champions for cerebral palsy and challenge themselves to achieve something remarkable. The champions decide on a fundraising target and then do a variety of things to achieve it such as organising a fundraising event or perhaps running a marathon! We learned about Cayla’s diagnose in February 2010 and that was the first year we decided to take part in Wheelie Big Challenge and raise money for the very important Early Intervention Program (EIP) as a thank-you to TCCP for all their help and support. TCCP Banner
With the help of our families and friends from all over the world we raised an amazing $4400 in just over four months! These funds went towards the purchase of a number of important items on centre’s Wish List for children in the EIP program. The aim of this program is to provide therapy and support for children from the earliest possible time to ensure that they develop, enhance and maintain skills both in their home but also at school. Actions such as rolling, crawling, standing and walking, which are all essential  to childhood development and quality of life, can be very difficult for some children with cerebral palsy hence the importance of accessing specialised equipment early on in life. Last year Cayla was able to get an AAC system (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) called “Vantage Lite”  which is helping her with her speech.
Without funding it wouldn’t be possible for everyone to purchase as this small but important piece of equipment costs about $10,000…!

Cayla’s dad Michael and I have picked up running and cycling after we learned about her diagnose of cerebral palsy and will be doing a variety of races throughout the year to raise funds for The Centre for Cerebral Palsy.
I started running on a treadmill at home in December 2011 after coming to terms with going to the gym for my usual classes just wasn’t going to happen since Cayla’s all therapy and hospital appointments. I really enjoy running and last year I completed two half marathons, but running a full marathon (42.2km) is certainly going to be my biggest physical challenge in life so far…! Mike started bike riding end of last year and will complete five different races over the next few months all around 80k and the “Hell of the North” (135km) in Lancelin on the 15th September. We are kicking this year’s Wheelie Big Challenge off with “Joondalup Half Marathon” and “Kalamunda Bike Ride” both in the morning on Sunday the 19th May.

No doubt we will be training hard in the next couple of months and we definitely need your help and support! Feel free to get in contact with us if you would like to join us for any rides/runs as we would love to have you on our team!

If you would like to show your support and help us reach our fundraising target please click on the link and make a fast secure online donation! All donation over $2 are tax-deductible! Please feel free to share the link to Cayla’s fundraising page with friends and family, all donation are greatly appreciated, large or small!

Many thanks for your support! :) ♥

Wheelie Big Challenge

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