C2S and WalkAide

It’s been ages I know! I decided to take a little break from the blogging but I know my family in Sweden loves my updates so better get cracking! :)
Since the last post which was my 5km time trial we have been busy with lots of things. The Running Centre organised a great morning for kids to come and learn fun running drills and practise their running technic. Afterwards they put on a sausage sizzle, fruit, balloons and lolly bags! TRC
I am still training six days a week and loving it! The two days of intervals a week has really helped my speed and I managed to pull of a great PB (Personal Best) at City 2 Surf’s Half Marathon a couple of weeks ago. It’s a quite hilly course but I felt really good and ran 21.1km in 1 hour and 50 minutes :DHalfmarathon
The Centre for Cerebral Palsy gave me a great colourful t-shirt to wear but as I only got it two days before the race I didn’t actually run in it as it may have caused me chaffing.. But it was great to have something clean to put on afterwards!

I have recently bought a new kitchen machine and is making all sorts of creations in the kitchen! Smoothies, soups, almond milk, cinnamon buns, bread, protein balls, healthy chocolate and the list goes on. It’s awesome to be able to make things from scratch and know exactly what goes in, i.e. no nasty additives, food colourings or preservatives.
The kids are going well. Nathan is learning about Dr Seuss and his children’s book The Lorax which was first published in 1971. Of course we have now seen the movie about 10 times.

Cayla is enjoying her swimming lessons and weekly speech therapy sessions at Kids Are Kids. She is slowly improving and knows almost all sounds now but still finding it difficult to say ‘L’ and ‘T’ but we’ll get there. For being less than three weeks away from her next Botox she is walking so well! She is either putting her left foot flat on the ground or even getting heel strike – hallelujah! Her physio therapist Jodie at Wize Therapy is really happy with her progress so has recently suggested we should try something called WalkAide on Cayla. This is a medical device that’s using electrical stimulation to improve walking for people with foot drop due to Brain or Spinal diseases or Trauma, such as Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal Cord Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury, or Cerebral Palsy.
walkaideIt all happened very quickly as we are going private and today Cayla had her first trial/fitting! She didn’t mind the actual device but didn’t really like the sensation of the electrical stimulation. But according to the specialist she was doing really well as some kids cry and won’t even accept wearing the device. The device sits just under  Cayla’s left knee and make her lift her toes up every time she takes a step. Pretty amazing stuff! We decided to do another session after she has had her botox and one set of serial casting to increase her range. This will be a really good starting point for her when/if we go ahead with the actual 2 months trial. It’s expensive but totally worth it! Fingers crossed she will accept it and if she does she won’t need to wear her AFOs anymore, just a small orthotic in her shoes probably. I will keep you posted!
Walkaide trail2 WalkAide trial