From couch to 10km – Done!

Woooohooooo! I can now proudly say that I am no longer a couch potato! I have finished the program on my downloaded app on my IPhone (El10K) and is now running more than 10km – YAY! It has been great to have this app the last 10 weeks and I would never have run this much without it.. no way… I am alright the first 7-8 km and then the negotiation with myself starts…! Haha, so funny but I just kept pushing myself and refused to give up!

I will keep running the 10km (or more) a couple of times a week as I would like to improve my speed but I’m really looking forward going back to the gym for my usual combat and pump classes. I highly recommend this application to anyone who wants to improve their fitness and be able to run 10km :) I shall now reward myself with a new pair of trainers!

Attention all busy, hard-working mums out there…

A couple of weeks ago I was feeling really tired and sluggish every day and I was drinking Powerade in the afternoons to boost my energy to stay awake the rest of the evening. But after a recommendation from my dear friend Linda I bought some new vitamins called Mum’s Rescue. This Mega Multivitamin is packed with good stuff and I could feel a difference within just 2-3 days! You get them from the health shops and cost is about $24 for a pack of 30 (1 months supply). Or you can order them online here which is a lot cheaper. Just beware of your wee… it comes out fluoride yellow!! :)

Today I light a candle….

Today I light a candle,

for someone I dearly miss.
Words cannot describe this darkness I carry,
a black cloud of grief and pain inside.
An open wound that never heal,
not with tears nor with time.
Five years have passed since the day you left us,
the people who loved you so much.
Years of endless tears and sadness,
struggling and fighting to live on as normal.
My beautiful brother is not with us anymore,
not here on earth but in spirit for sure.
We were left with memories, photos on a wall,
wishing things were different, wishing you were here.
I love you and miss you little brother,
you will always live on in my heart.
Love Sis

My brother Samir was abruptly taken from us in the early hours of 1st of January 2007. He was stabbed after a fight broke out with another group of young men on their way home from a party and died a couple of hours later in hospital. The man who stabbed him got 12 years in prison for murder..

Though Cayla has sadly never met her uncle she will honour him as she walks through life. Her full name is Cayla Sam Beach, in memory of my beautiful and dearly missed brother Samir. He would have turned 31 in April this year.

Loosing someone you love is without a doubt the most difficult event I have ever had to experience in life. Things are a little less difficult now compared to a couple of years back but at the same time this is something that is so far beyond everyday ‘problems’ or other issues that I sometimes think (and wish) that it was all just a bad dream. The reality that I will never ever, in this life time, be able to see him, talk to him or give him a hug again is still too hard to comprehend.. Time definitely make things less difficult but I think it’s more about myself learning to live with fact that I no longer have a brother. We used to give each other one look and know exactly what the other one was thinking, and laugh so much messing around in front of the computer and singing along to silly songs. I will treasure those memories for ever and hopefully we’ll meet again some day.


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If you’re going through hell, keep going.
Winston Churchill

What a great Christmas

This year I had such a nice time over Christmas that it’s totally worth a blog post :) As you know I usually find it quite hard to get in to any kind of Christmas spirit as it’s too hot outside! But this year it was only 30 degrees and I had the best time! 
We celebrated Swedish Christmas with a group of friends on the 24th and our gorgeous host Frida had done such a great job decorating her house! It looked awesome and made us all feel the Christmas spirit from top to toe. We had a table full of yummy Swedish food, drank lots of alcohol, swam in the pool, and even had Santa over for a quick visit. Though I’m not sure a Santa with a French accent and no shoes was the best choice… but he did do a great job and the kids loved it :) His 3.5 year old daughter totally knew who he was so we will have to be more clever about the choice of Santa for next year!
We stayed all day long and the kids were knackered when we got home and so were we! But as I had promised Nathan that he could open the Christmas gifts from his grandma (mormor) in Sweden they didn’t end up in bed until after 9pm sometime.. We also had to put out a glass of milk for Santa and a bucket of water and carrots for the reindeers. 

When the kids were tucked in bed Mike and I had to get all the hidden presents from ‘Santa’, put them under the tree and in their Christmas stockings. Then we had to drink the milk, empty the bucket of water and chomp on the carrots as a reindeer would have chewed on them :)

Cayla woke up at 5.15am on Christmas Day so at 6am we woke Nathan up so they could see if Santa had been to our house or not. Cayla yelled out a big ‘WOW’ when she saw her little kitchen and played there all morning. Nathan was very impressed with what Santa had brought this year as well, lots of lego, star wars, marble game and so on :)

At noon we drove to Mike’s parents for more Christmas celebrations, lots of yummy food, Christmas gifts and good company! Mike’s parents did a great job hosting the day as usual and even though we didn’t have a visit from Santa the kids had a great time opening the presents under the tree and swimming in the pool! Two days of eating and drinking too much…. I need a detox..!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and with only one day to go before this year is over I take the opportunity to say Happy New Year! Bring on 2012! :D

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Ginger Biscuits & Christmas Lights

Every year I get together with a couple of my Swedish friends to make ginger biscuits, it’s so much fun and the kids loves it! It is really hard to get into some sort of Christmas spirit when it’s warm and sunny but we are trying our best with Xmas decorations, tree, music, baking and so on. Christmas should totally be celebrated in a cold country with snow outside and lots of candles lit inside. Long walks and hot chocolate, christmas markets and warm mulled wine….. yeah, I would LOVE to be in Sweden right now and spend Christmas with my family that would just be awesome.

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There are some fun stuff happening in Perth during December such as Christmas carols, the big channel seven’s Christmas pageant and so on. But one of the highlights is to decorate the outside of our house with Christmas lights ‘American Style’! Every year we buy a little bit more to add to our collection and in a few years time we’ll hopefully have a grand display! Some people go all out and you can visit some areas in Perth where every house is decorated to the limit! Check it out here! These houses are all taking part in a yearly competition and fundraising event for Princess Margaret Children’s Hospital (PMH) so it’s all for a good cause! Last year the competition raised more than $63,000 for PMH Foundation.The two streets we always visit are Kanji Loop and Kennack Vista in Atwell, it’s just awesome and magical for both kids and adults.

I picked up our fundraising tins on Wednesday morning after a great catch up with the “Parent Focus” group at TCCP. They are such a nice group of ladies and I love hearing their stories and listen to their advice. After that home for a quick bite to eat before it was time to head out again. It was Nathan’s last day at school for the year, last day of Pre Primary! I can’t believe he’s starting year 1 next year!! Bring on Summer holidays, I’m looking forward not having to rush in the mornings to get everyone ready and can’t wait to spend some quality time with Nathan and Cayla together.

By the way, I just got the most amazing chocolate sent to me from Sweden (+ heaps of Christmas pressies) – thank you very much Mamma! ♥ This chocolate is seriously good and I will kindly share it with my Swedish friends here in Perth ;)

Note: ok that didn’t happen, I ate all the chocolate myself..! Yum!

Old friend

I’m sitting here with a big smile on my face… I’ve just been on the phone to a very old and dear friend of mine from Sweden. I have not spoken to her in years…! We used to be best friends when growing up and I have so many amazing and fun memories together with her. I can’t wait to catch up with her and her hubby next time we’re in Sweden. She ownes a florist business just north of Stockholm and living her dream with lots of animals in the country side. They have recently bought two camels which has proven to be very popular among the locals. If you can read Swedish check out her blog: 

The photos below are from my time as a keeper at London Zoo where I worked with the Bactrian camels among other animals. I had so much fun working at the Zoo and met with some awesome people as well! 

Ease into 10K (El10K)

Tiesto in my ears, feet are pounding and the sweat is dripping! I’m running on my treadmill. I miss going to my usual classes at the gym but most of our appointments with Cayla seem to fall between 9.30-11.30 in the morning. I know, I could go to the gym in the evening but I’m definitely a morning person when it comes to exercise. All I want to do in the evening is flop in front of the TV or enjoy the peace and quite when the kids are sleeping. Until now we’ve have had over 60 appointments (not including the 10 week Hanen Language course) which is crazy but I’m sure most in our situation goes through the same thing. It has definitely started to slow down in the last month or so which is rather nice.

Anyway, back to the running, I hate the feeling when I don’t exercise, it does my head in feeling sluggish and lazy. Not a great combo.. After encouragement from another school mum I bought an app for my phone which I love! It’s called “Ease into 10K” and runs for 9 weeks so I’m hoping that I will be able to run 10km in about 5-6 weeks :)  I’m on week 4 right now so have about 5 weeks to go. I’m using my treadmill at home as this really fit my busy schedule at the moment plus most mornings I have it done before I drop Nathan of at school which is even better! I feel SO much better and have heaps more energy. I’m happier and feel stronger and also more confident dealing with Cayla’s condition. So all up, exercise is the key to look and feel good – oh yeah! ;)

If you want to join me you will find this app here: or in the App Store.