Target Reached!

After the school’s Free Dress Day we have reached our fundraising target of $2500 for Cayla’s Wheelie Big Challenge! Woohoo! Thank you all so much for supporting us in this worthy cause! 100% of the funds will go towards the centre’s wish list which means very important mobility, communication and sleeping aids for children with Cerebral  palsy! Last year Cayla was given a communication device called Vantage Lite, this is a very expensive piece of equipment that will make a huge difference to her speech and language. It also means Cayla will be able to take part in more, if not all, activities at school :D
Even though we have reached our target we will continue our fundraising another couple of months. Mike still has his big bike ride “Hell of the North” coming up in September and we have also signed Nathan up for his first Duathlon in October! A duathlon is like a triathlon but without the swim part. He will run 500m, cycle 1.5km and finish with a 250 run. Hoping he will really enjoy the race, the medal and of course to raise money for Cayla and other kids with cerebral palsy :)
I have had four weeks of rest and slow running to recover from the Perth Marathon and feeling ready to start the hard training again. I am doing the City 2 Surf 1/2 marathon with a friend end of August and also signed up for Tough Mudder which is 21km full of crazy obstacles such as ice, mud, tunnels, walls, monkey bars, electrical shocks…..! I’m doing this in a team so should be a fun but tough and crazy experience for sure!
I would love to run another marathon and have decided to get some coaching to improve both my form and time for the next one! The Running Centre (TRC) is offering this type of coaching and I had my first ever group interval training session yesterday morning. After warm-up and running drills we did 1600m fast running x 4 with two minutes rest in between and I remember thinking holy cow…. am I actually paying someone to run this hard….and in pouring rain..?? But luckily I felt better after a while and finished strong, did a quick stretch and then home so Mike could leave for work! Next group session is short intervals tomorrow and hopefully the crazy storm will stay away and that I will remember my Garmin watch so my coach can check my progress.
It’s the second week of school holidays and we are really enjoying lazy mornings combined with swimming lessons, play dates, movies and some fun local kids activities.
Cayla has had her assessment for the application to the language school done and her speech pathologist will now write a rapport to go with it. She probably won’t get a place next year but that’s ok, we are happy for her to stay at Jandakot Primary School as we think it’s a great school! She is making good progress and we just love hearing her saying ‘Nathan’ all day long, so cute! Her new private speech pathologist is really great and we are very happy that she has taken Cayla on as she usually only works with kids with dyspraxia.
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Stars in the local paper!

Today we drove to The Centre for Cerebral Palsy with the money collected at the free dress day at school last Friday. A heavy bag full of gold coins adding up to an amazing $668! Thanks Jandakot Primary School!
We had a quick lunch stop at Ikea before it was time for a speech therapy session for Cayla. She has just mastered to say her brother’s name “Nathan” and also the K/C – sound which means she will be on the right track to finally say her own name – YAY!!!

Came home late in the afternoon to a nice surprise, check out these gorgeous girls in our local paper Cockburn Gazette! 💜💜💜


Free Dress Day for Cerebral Palsy

It was the “Free Dress Day” at the kids’s school today and Nathan was dressed up as Bumblebee and Cayla in her favorite dress of all times! It was quite emotional walking through school in the morning and seeing all the kids dressed in everything from normal clothes to pj’s, pirates outfit, buzz lightyear, princess and fairies knowing it was all for Cayla and our fundraising! We even had a photographer that came to school this morning so keep an eye out for Cayla and her buddies Alyssa and Sienna in the local paper sometime in the near future! :D

All kids brought in a gold coin donation all going towards Cayla’s Challenge and helping children with cerebral palsy. The grand total of today’s fundraising was an amazing $668!! What a great effort from everyone but in particular Cayla’s Year 6 buddies Alyssa and Sienna for getting the school community involved. We are humbled by everyone’s kindness and generosity.



Cayla’s Amazing Buddy

A couple of times a month the Year 6 students are visiting the kindy classrooms and all kindy kids have been allocated 1 or 2 so-called ‘buddies’. The ‘buddies’ from year 6 are doing puzzles, reading stories and enjoying other activities with the little kindy kids who absolutely loves their visit. Cayla has got two girls (Alyssa and Sienna) as ‘buddies’ and they both seem really nice. One of the girl’s mum contacted me recently and said that her daughter Alyssa had seen our link to Cayla’s wheelie big challenge and was keen to help out. She was asking if it was ok for her daughter to write a letter to our school’s principal and get the school community involved! What a fabulous idea and I was so impressed that this was coming from a Year 6 student, her mum should be very proud! I gave my approval and a couple of days later the principal told me about the letter and asked if it was ok to go out public within the school about Cayla and her having cerebral palsy. That was fine and only two days later Alyssa was standing on the stage at the school’s assembly giving a short presentation on what she wanted to do for Cayla and our fundraising. She had come up with the idea of a ‘free dress day’ on the last day of term with the students bringing in a gold coin donation which will go towards helping Cayla and other children with cerebral palsy! :D
The date for the ‘free dress day’ will be Friday the 5th of July and I’m collecting a bunch of paper piggy banks from The Centre for Cerebral Palsy (TCCP) next week that the teachers can use for the coin donations.
I cannot with words describe how lovely and considerate we think this is and we are so grateful that Cayla has such amazing Year 6 ‘buddies’!

It’s Taper Time!

I have nearly completed my Marathon program which means I have less than 3 weeks until Perth Marathon! I did my last long run of 32km last Sunday and felt a bit so and so…. didn’t feel 100% well and ended up walking the last 800m but got it done so happy with that. This week I am still putting in nearly the same amount of training as last week but the longest run will only be 19k. These last 3 weeks are all about tapering which basically means slowly cutting back on training so the body will be all rested and fit for Race Day.

Perth-MarathonStill can’t quite believe that I am actually going to run a full marathon! I really enjoy running and curious to see how far I can push myself so will just have to ignore any negative thoughts, trust my training and do the best that I can! Mike and the kids will definitely be there supporting me on the day and I even have a friend who has kindly offered to run the last 10km with me! :D

I am running this marathon not only for myself but also to raise important funds to help Cayla and other kids with cerebral palsy. I am at the Centre for Cerebral Palsy (TCCP) most weeks and I can’t tell you enough how much the wheelchairs, walkers, modified bikes and other specialised equipment means to these kids. Their happy little faces when they finally have a chance to do something we all take for granted such as riding a bike or to be able to move around independently with a walker or a funky electric car. There is a whole range of equipment that can help make these kids lives a whole lot easier so please please please click the link to Cayla’s Fundraising Page and make a fast and secure online donation from anywhere in the world! Any donations are greatly appreciated – large or small! Thanks! 

Fragile Life

I have ‘met’ so many nice and interesting people through my blog and yesterday we were lucky enough to receive a donation to Cayla’s Wheelie Big Challenge from one of them! His name is Ryan and he lives with his wife and their two little girls in Norway. Ryan, who is originally from Perth, and I have shared information, experiences and support for the last year or so and I always love reading about their life and progress with their youngest daughter Jennifer who like Cayla has cerebral palsy. This family has gone through so much since Jennifer’s birth and both Ryan and Odin are doing an amazing job with her therapy and finding solutions that will improve their lives. You can download and read about the first six months with little Jennifer in an amazing and very honest book called “A Fragile Life” (written by her dad) here:
Thanks again for your support Ryan! I look forward catching up when you all come to Perth :)


A BIG thank you to ALL our latest supporters! Even had a $20 donation from my mum’s dog Freia! Hahaha, awesome! We really appreciate your support and donations which makes us push so much harder in our training to do our absolute best! Less than four weeks to go to the Perth Marathon…! Eeek! :D


Joondalup 1/2 Marathon

Home again after finishing the Joondalup 1/2 Marathon with my lovely friends! It was a chilly but beautiful morning and I was feeling pretty good. So good that I went out way too hard in the start doing just over 5 mins/km which is a bit fast for me…. I think my garmin showed 53 minutes at 10km and then I had another 11k to run. I kept the pace fairly well until the 17km mark when I could feel that I was slowing down.. the price you pay when you go out too fast in the beginning of the race..! The last km I was doing alright and I realised that I could run in under 1.55 so hey, why not go for it!! Finished at 1.54 which is 11 minutes faster than last year so happy with that! :D

I have a sore hip and ankle but it’s to be expected as I’m at the peak on my marathon training. I am currently running around 70km/week + cross training and weights. that is more training than I have ever done in my life so really trying to avoid getting injured by doing all the right things such as sport massage, ice, compression pants, foam rolling, vitamins etc. Last Sunday was my first 32km run and I have another 32km run coming up next weekend. That is the longest I will run before the Perth Marathon on the 16th June. Then I just have to trust that the training will ‘carry’ me over the last 10km!

Mike completed a very hilly and challenging 80km bike ride in Kalamunda this morning and I am very proud of him!!

We are both training hard for these races/rides to raise money to help our daughter Cayla and her friends with cerebral palsy. Actions such as walking and running can be very difficult for some children with cerebral palsy hence the importance of accessing specialised equipment early on in life. Mike and I CAN both walk and run so we want to use that ability to do something good for these kids! You can too! Please support us and donate to Cayla’s Hero Page!



A big THANKS to our first supporters in Cayla’s Wheelie Big Challenge!! We love you! :)
100% of the funds goes towards helping Cayla and other kids with cerebral palsy.

Michael and I are both having two days of rest before “Joondalup Half Marathon” and “Kalamunda Bike Ride” this Sunday morning. I had a very painful but needed sports massage this morning and feeling good. Mike has turned into some crazy shopaholic after he’s discovered a very cheap outlet for bike clothes in China…!

If you would like to support this worthy cause please hop online and make a fast and secure donation. Don’t forget to leave a word of encouragement – we will need it!! :D


Marathon and Fundraising

So I have registered to run a full marathon.. and I am scared and excited at the same time and hoping it will all come together on the day…..!
I have been training pretty hard over the last 5-6 months and is now following a Marathon Training program. I have registered to run the Perth Marathon on the 16th June which is only about seven weeks away..! It’s a pretty flat course running along beautiful Swan River so should (!?!) be a nice run and hopefully not too cold and windy as it will be winter here in Perth!

We have decided to once again take part in an event called Wheelie Big Challenge (WBC) which is organised by The Centre for Cerebral Palsy (TCCP) here in Perth.
This is a year-long event where people become ‘champions for cerebral palsy and challenge themselves to achieve something remarkable. The champions decide on a fundraising target and then do a variety of things to achieve it such as organising a fundraising event or perhaps running a marathon! We learned about Cayla’s diagnose in February 2010 and that was the first year we decided to take part in Wheelie Big Challenge and raise money for the very important Early Intervention Program (EIP) as a thank-you to TCCP for all their help and support. TCCP BannerWith the help of our families and friends from all over the world we raised an amazing $4400 in just over four months! These funds went towards the purchase of a number of important items on centre’s Wish List for children in the EIP program such as early activity systems, switches and toys and different types of walkers. The aim of this program is to provide therapy and support for children from the earliest possible time to ensure that they develop, enhance and maintain skills both in their home but also at school. Actions such as rolling, crawling, standing and walking, which are all essential  to childhood development and quality of life, can be very difficult for some children with cerebral palsy hence the importance of accessing specialised equipment early on in life. Last year Cayla was able to get an AAC system (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) called “Vantage Lite”  which is helping her with her speech. Without funding it wouldn’t be possible for everyone to purchase as this small but important piece of equipment costs about $10,000…!

Cayla’s dad Michael and I have picked up running and cycling since we learned about her diagnose of cerebral palsy and will be doing a variety of races throughout the year to raise funds for The Centre for Cerebral Palsy.
I started running on a treadmill at home about 18 months ago after realising that going to the gym for my usual classes just wasn’t going to happen due to Cayla’s all therapy and hospital appointments. I really enjoy running and last year I completed two half marathons, but running a full marathon (42.2km) is certainly going to be my biggest physical challenge in life so far…! Mike started bike riding end of last year and has a couple of races in the calendar over the next few months all around 80k and the “Hell of the North” (135km) in Lancelin on the 15th September.
We are kicking this year’s Wheelie Big Challenge off with “Joondalup Half Marathon” and “Kalamunda Bike Ride” both in the morning on Sunday the 19th May.

No doubt we will be training hard in the next couple of months and we definitely need your help and support! Feel free to get in contact with us if you would like to join us for any rides/runs as we would love to have you on our team!

If you would like to show your support and help us reach our fundraising target please click on the link and make a fast secure online donation!
All donation over $2 are tax-deductible! Please feel free to share the link to Cayla’s fundraising page with friends and family, all donation are greatly appreciated, large or small!

Wheelie Big Challenge

Crazy Hair Day

So I can tell you from experience that it is NOT a great choice to go for a 27k run when coming down with a head cold…! It has taken me a good two weeks to get over it and I’m only just starting to get better.. Even thought I had lost my running mojo there for a while……!! Shocking… but back into it now and have spent the last couple of days in the gym doing body combat and hill/interval training on the treadmill. I’m not a big fan of the treadmill but for hill and interval training it is great and I’m definitely pushing myself a lot more that if I was to do the same outside…
It was crazy hair day today at school to raise awareness and important funds for the Leukemia Foundation. Such a great thing and the kids are loved it! Nathan had blue spiky hair and Cayla had some blue stripes and pink long hair clips thingys. All kids brought in a gold coin donation. It would be great to do something similar for cerebral palsy, maybe a colourful shoe day where all the kids are doing a walk/run or an obstacle course at school to raise awareness and funds for The Centre for Cerebral Palsy (TCCP). Cerebral palsy is the most common physical childhood disability in the world. It is a permanent physical condition that affects movement and often these kids can’t walk or run very well or at all. Did you know that in Australia, it is estimated that a child is born with CP every 15 hours… crazy…

Wheelie Big ChallengeLast year we raised money for TCCP and will more than likely do some more fundraising for this year’s Wheelie Big Challenge (2013/14). It all ends on with a fun day called The Wheelie Big Day Out at Burswood Park Foreshore on Sunday the 14th April. We will definitely be there and do the 1km walk with Cayla and enjoy the festivities.

If you are into running or cycling then you might be interested in The 2013 Walk Wheel Run for Charity (WWR). The Wheelie Big Day Out is a fun day and everyone is welcome to join us. Check out this video clip for more information:
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