I’m back!

It’s been ages I know! Last post was just after Perth Marathon in June and before we left for our holiday to Sweden. Well we had a great time and it was really nice to see family and friends again. I only ran one time and it was a shocking run.. I also ate a lot of yummy and unhealthy foods but also plenty of prawn salads so all good! The weather was amazing, about 28-30 degrees for most of the holiday, crazy hot for being Sweden.
Since we have been back in Perth we have been jet-lagged a week and then sick three times!! I kid you not… the kids have just had their third round of fever, gastro and runny noses.. So incredibly frustrating!

Cayla is still loving her school and so do we! They have done the last assessments for this term and we should soon know if she will be offered a place for Year 1 next year… I’m super nervous and really hope that she will get a spot.. She has too! I’m so not ready for her to go back to mainstream yet. Cayla has improved so much this year and this school is truly amazing with so many different programs in place to support kids with speech difficulties. Fingers and toes crossed that she will staying on! I will keep you posted!
Cayla has had another gait analysis and video done. We do this at the Lower Limb Clinic held at TCCP. I was concerned about Cayla’s gait since she got her new AFOs back in May and just needed an assessment and advice. She has been turning her left leg much more inwards than usual, especially when running. And there is absolutely no heel-toe pattern happening when waking. Dayna (Lower limb clinic) and our new physio therapist Ann, both from TCCP were there to assist. Dayna believe the twisting of IMG_8470 IMG_8471Cayla’s leg comes from a weakness in her gluts. After doing the video Dayna suggested that we try to strengthen her left leg with a neuro stimulation device. Pretty much a tens machine but programmed to increase strength and build muscle when used on particular muscle groups. Cayla’s left calf is and always has been smaller than her right. If we can build some more muscle in that area she will be able to work against her tight calf muscles and therefore improve her gait and posture. The electro stim device has been ordered and Cayla’s physio Ann is coming to our house next week to show me how it all works. We will then spend about 2 weeks to desensitise the area and then increase the stimulation and build some muscle for another 6 weeks! If all goes well we may trial a pretty awesome device called WalkAid next year.

photo 1 (5)

Very exciting news is that Cayla lost her first tooth today! Well, the first one naturally since the first one was taken out a year ago since it was dead. She fell in to our coffee table and hurt her tooth about two years ago so it had to come out. And tonight she surprised us all by swimming all by her self at her swimming lesson! YAY! It’s not always that easy to kick your feet and legs when they don’t do what you want and/or they don’t have enough strength in them to move you forward when swimming. But she is kicking her feet, paddling with her arms and blowing bubbles like crazy. So proud of her!
I’m back into training and aiming for 6 Inch trail marathon (48km) in December. I ran this race for the first time last year so looking forward getting back on these gorgeous trails and do it again! I’m battling a sore heel at the moment so spending a few days a week in the gym doing spin classes and strength training instead of just running. I have been for a good sports massage which really helped. Now I just have to spend some time every day foam rolling and also get a new pair of shoes. Hopefully my heel pain will go away in due course.

The wedding season has definitely started and I did my first last Saturday. Gorgeous couple and a beautiful sunny day but after 11 hours I was absolutely wrecked! So so tired and was expecting my Sunday morning run would be crap.. But instead I had the most amazing run ever! I’m still not sure how that works since I only had a few hours sleep before my alarm went off at 5.15am… But hey, I’m happy!
I’m volunteering at the WTF Ultra marathon (50/100miles) in a few weeks and really looking forward to it! Is that weird? I really need to get a life :)

Well that’s a bit of an update from us! This week is busy with kids sports carnival and athletic carnival and next week Cayla’s class our going on an excursion to the Zoo. I am coming with too, should be a fun day! We should have Cayla’s Pre-Botox meeting at PMH soon and the “Variety’s Motor Mouth Camp” is coming up in a few weeks time as well, think it’s during the first week of the school holidays. This camp is for children that are using an AAC device such as the Vantage Lite, iPad etc. It’s for the whole family and we are all very excited about attending this camp!


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