Kep Ultra 75km

I have some really crazy and exciting running news! In January I tried to get an entry for this year’s Kep Ultra 75km/100km but unfortunately I didn’t get in. The race director had already taking in more than 25 runners above the limit and had 17 people on the wait list. I was number 10 on the wait list so I thought I had no chance at all and decided to do some solid training over the next 4.5 months anyway and run Perth Marathon again. I followed a different training program this time with a lot more quality running with intervals and tempo running compared to a year ago. It was fewer days running in the week but really fast times to run plus cross training (rowing/spinning). I also decided to do Michelle Bridges 12 week Lean and Strong Program which had me in the gym 4 times a week doing weights. My long runs have also been different this year as instead of increasing my km’s every week I have done long runs of 28-32km (35km as my longest run) pretty much from the start. It was challenging at times but I feel great and more important I have no injuries at all. Anyway, to get to the point……….! A couple of weeks ago I received an email informing me that I had been offered a race entry for this year’s Kep Ultra..!! I did not expect that at all! The sensible part of me said; don’t do it this year, volunteer at the event and train for it ‘properly’ next year instead. However I am really excited and scared(!) but ready to give it my best shot so have registered and will be running 75km tomorrow!! I’m not looking at a particular finishing time, just purely enjoy it and finish in one piece. It’s very different to running a marathon where I would run at a faster pace for 42.2km. I will run this ultra at a much slower pace and incorporate walking breaks throughout the race. I should be able to get to 50km ok and after that I have no idea what will happen.. Gaaaahhhhhh! This is so far out of my comfort zone that it makes me feel sick but hey, some people swear that’s where the magic happens….!


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