Back again

Hello again! It’s been ages I know.. I decided to take a break from blogging among other things during the school holidays and instead spend valuable time with my kids. We were really lucky to have my best friend and her family from Sweden staying with us over Christmas and New Years. The weather was good but not too hot, the kids played amazingly well and we had many lazy days by the pool just hanging out. It was really sad to see them leave but it won’t be too long until we catch up again.



Mike went back to work beginning of January and me and the kids were busy pretty much every day catching up with people that we had not seen for ages. Megan, Cayla’s physio therapist from TCCP organised a two days a week boot camp over three weeks which was lots of fun! I hope they will do more of that during the holidays since we won’t be at the centre very often now when Cayla is at school full-time.

Other than the boot camp we didn’t have to many appointments booked in which was really nice. Only a post Botox meeting at PMH to review the effects of her last injections and set a new date for the next one. The post-botox meeting went well too and Cayla is booked in for her next Botox in April sometime. She will probably need some serial casting afterwards but that’s ok, we knew that already. It’s difficult to keep up with stretches etc when they grow so quickly at this age and serial casting is a very cheap and effective way of stretching muscles. Cayla is not bothered so neither are we anymore. We have also had an appointment with a paediatric ophthalmologist. The health nurse at school checked Cayla’s vision twice last year and she failed both times so we decided to take her to a specialist to make sure nothing was wrong. We have already had her vision tested at PMH about a year and a half ago and everything was fine so hopefully this test would be too. $285 and 40 minutes later we came out and everything was fine.

The holidays went by way too quickly and suddenly it was time for the kids to go back to school and their after school activities. Nathan is starting year 3 and Cayla pre-primary! Both of them are doing swimming lessons and Nathan also has scouts once a week. Cayla was so excited on her first day and couldn’t wait to get there. I was fine until we were about to leave.. The teacher asked Cayla what she got for Christmas and Cayla answered something that the teacher couldn’t understand… I heard what she said and wanted to go to her and help out (as I always do)….. Even though I know she is in good hands at this school it broke my heart and made me cry. Cayla was absolutely fine and had a fabulous first day.

So it has already been two weeks and things are still going well for both Nathan and Cayla. I am also getting used to having a lot more time on my hands with both kids at school every day :) I’m training a lot and spending about four days a week at the gym on top of my usual running. I have started a 12-week weight lifting program hoping it will make me lean and strong so I can run more efficient and avoid injuries. I have never done much training in the gym except fitness classes so feeling slightly uncomfortable but slowly getting there! Next race will be Darlington Half Marathon on the 16th March.

About two weeks ago Cayla fell on our wooden floorboards when jumping on top of a bean bag at home and hurt her front tooth… Can’t believe it has happened again as we only had one of her front teeth taken out at the same time as the Botox in October last year..! It did not look great and we straight away knew that it would have to be removed.. and after a visit to the dentist that was confirmed. The root of the tooth has been damaged and we will once again have a tooth removed with Cayla’s next lot of Botox in April. Front teeth are so overrated!
photo 3
photo 2 (1)   photo 1

So there we go, finally a bit of an update on what we have been doing the last few months. Will write more about Cayla and her new school soon. It’s such a great school and we are so so happy that she has got this opportunity! 



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