Trip down South

It’s the day before Christmas eve and we are gearing up to celebrate Swedish Christmas with my Swedish friends tomorrow! This year we are hosting Christmas at our house and expecting 26 people..! 14 kids and 12 adults……. wish us luck! Celebrating Swedish Christmas is a massive highlight of the year and I’m so happy to have my gorgeous friend Michaela with her family here in Perth at the moment. The kids are playing non stop every day and spending hours in our pool which must be our best investment as yet! We are having a great time just hanging, drinking wine and eating cheese.. and our trip down south was awesome! First we spent one night at Preston Beach and then three nights at Yallingup Forrest Resort before heading back to Perth. The weather was perfect and we spent most of our time chilling out at different beaches in the area. After two days of rest I went for my first run after 6inch, only a short easy 3km loop on a beautiful forest trail near our resort.
It’s great to go for a run and finally do a proper stretch… something that I didn’t really do after the race. I went for an easy 9.5 km with my usual running group yesterday and my legs are feeling really good! Very happy to have recovered so fast as after the Perth Marathon I couldn’t/wanted to run for a good few weeks afterwards. I haven’t decided what races I’m doing next year but will have a proper think over the Christmas break.
I’m just about to make a veeeery yummy ginger thins cheesecake for tomorrow’s celebrations. I make this every year and have posted a photo with the recipe below but unless you’re Swedish you may find it a bit difficult to understand!

Merry Christmas!

IMG_6383 IMG_6396 IMG_6412 IMG_6416 IMG_6436


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