Last day of Kindy

Yesterday Mike and I went to school for Cayla’s class Christmas concert and end of year party. They were so cute and did a fantastic job with their singing and presentation. Cayla thanked everyone for coming to the concert without using her talker and we are so very proud of her! Cayla’s last day was yesterday and she has now finished off her first year at school! It’s gone super fast and I still remember that first day of kindy, or maybe more the day before… how nervous I was.. and worried about pretty much everything. But it’s been such a great year, her teacher and aides have been awesome and Cayla has come so far. She is now counting up to about 20, writing her name and know pretty much all the sounds and a lot of the letters as well. She has made many friends in the class and hopefully we will stay in contact even though she will be going to another school next year.
Nathan still has a couple of more days at school before he finishing for the year and last night he attended a Halloween disco that the school arranged. It was very well organised as usual and he had an awesome time!

Gotta go now, we have a very busy weekend ahead! My best friend from Sweden is here with her family and it’s AWESOME to hang out with her! They are loving the warm weather and swimming in the pool most of the day. Can’t wait to have a proper drink with her but that will have to wait until tomorrow after I have finished my 47km trail marathon!! Woohooooo! It’s going to be about 39 degrees but hopefully we will have finished the race before it gets too hot! Four months of training and I’m feeling pumped!! Wish me luck and if you haven’t already donated to Cayla’s challenge please follow this link to make fast secure online donation :D





















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