It’s getting warmer!

Finally some warmer weather! It’s been a very wet Spring so far and as much as I don’t mind running in the rain it’s awesome to see the blue sky! It’s now light when I get up for my interval sessions at 5am and it doesn’t feel like you are the only one awake and out running. My training for the 6inch IMG_5665trail marathon is going well and the last two weeks have been huge! Last week I did 90km which is more than I did at the top of the training for Perth Marathon six months ago. Most of my running is done on the road but a couple of weeks ago I did half of the 6inch race course with some lovely people. We did about 24km on the trails north of Dwellingup and it’s was great running in the forest especially on the single man trails. Can’t wait to go back!
Mike and I train on alternative days pretty much and it’s working really well and it’s great to have our hobbies in common. I love that Mike is ordering carb gels and other stuff online for our training. He is doing so well with his cycling and is planning to do a huge race next year. It’s called 5 dams and is something like 250km long…..! I’m not sure what races I’m doing next year, my focus is on the 6inch in December this year. The race is just the motivator, it’s the training that I enjoy the most. Early morning runs are just amazing and it sets you up for the day in such a great way! I do two interval sessions a week and my mid-week run is about 15-17km. Today I did 15km on the Zamia Trail in Bold Park which is such a beautiful place near the ocean. It’s green, lush and hilly which is perfect training for the 6inch. It’s been quite warm today (around 30 degrees) and even though it was a nice run my legs felt tired and heavy. Lucky I have two days of rest now! I’m doing a wedding on Saturday, starting at 9am so it will be a long day for sure. On Sunday my wedding photography team is doing Tough Mudder!!! I’ve been ignoring this crazy obstacle race for many months but now it’s here and I’m feeling pretty pumped! and scared….!! I have no expectations but hoping the warrior in me will come out and hopefully I will be flying over those vertical walls, monkey bars, ice baths, tunnels, mud, electricity….! :D


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