Cayla’s Amazing Buddy

A couple of times a month the Year 6 students are visiting the kindy classrooms and all kindy kids have been allocated 1 or 2 so-called ‘buddies’. The ‘buddies’ from year 6 are doing puzzles, reading stories and enjoying other activities with the little kindy kids who absolutely loves their visit. Cayla has got two girls (Alyssa and Sienna) as ‘buddies’ and they both seem really nice. One of the girl’s mum contacted me recently and said that her daughter Alyssa had seen our link to Cayla’s wheelie big challenge and was keen to help out. She was asking if it was ok for her daughter to write a letter to our school’s principal and get the school community involved! What a fabulous idea and I was so impressed that this was coming from a Year 6 student, her mum should be very proud! I gave my approval and a couple of days later the principal told me about the letter and asked if it was ok to go out public within the school about Cayla and her having cerebral palsy. That was fine and only two days later Alyssa was standing on the stage at the school’s assembly giving a short presentation on what she wanted to do for Cayla and our fundraising. She had come up with the idea of a ‘free dress day’ on the last day of term with the students bringing in a gold coin donation which will go towards helping Cayla and other children with cerebral palsy! :D
The date for the ‘free dress day’ will be Friday the 5th of July and I’m collecting a bunch of paper piggy banks from The Centre for Cerebral Palsy (TCCP) next week that the teachers can use for the coin donations.
I cannot with words describe how lovely and considerate we think this is and we are so grateful that Cayla has such amazing Year 6 ‘buddies’!


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