One week post marathon

I can’t believe that it has already been a whole week since I ran my first marathon! It’s all a bit surreal like it never happened but I am SO glad that it did and still giving my medal a little rub and a polish every now and then ;) I have spent the week resting, eating ice cream and reading books!
I felt pretty tired and hungry when we got home last Sunday as I didn’t manage to eat more than half a banana and a bit of white bread afterwards. I do remember having a very nice tasting Milo (chocolate milk) that my lovely friend Karen made me! As soon as we came home I had a shower and then pretty much put my beloved 2XU compression pants on and jumped (crawled) into bed. I wasn’t feeling to great after having 5 GU gels…. yuk.. and even though I felt hungry I couldn’t really eat anything. I did manage to have a couple of salty chips and some water before I finally fell asleep. Woke up a few hours later after a fidgety sleep, had scrambled eggs, toast and baked beans and felt great. Later that evening I sat in the couch with a glass of wine and a big grin on my face, I did it, I ran a full marathon…….! Yay for me!
I have recovered really well this week with stiff legs the first two days and then pretty much fine except my right hip that is still bothering me a bit. Had a sports massage on Thursday and even though I am still a bit tired I feel really good. Apparently it takes about 3-4 weeks to fully recover from running a marathon and this week I am only doing slow short runs and gradually adding more in the next few weeks.
I don’t remember much of the last couple of km’s in the marathon except hearing my own inner voice telling me to stay strong and keep running! I also remember thinking that I am never ever doing this again!! Funny that I only two days later would sit in front of my computer looking at new marathons to run…..! No, I have not caught the running bug, I think that I’m actually possessed!! Yes, it was really tough in those last few km’s but the feeling of stepping over that finishing line, the medal around my neck, my friends and family there to congratulate me makes it all worth while! Fundraising to help kids with cerebral palsy, some that will never walk or run is something very close to my heart and made this whole experience much more worthwhile! Running a marathon has never been on my bucket list but after finishing one I get it….. I really do and I will be coming back for more! :)
IMG_4687   medal


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