Perth Marathon 2013

I did it! I ran 42.2km in the Perth Marathon yesterday! I still can’t quite believe it and keep looking at all the photos and my beautiful medal as proof that it really happened :) My legs are pretty stiff today but overall I am feeling pretty good. It was a perfect day for running, a bit cold in the morning with only 5 degrees or so but warmed up to a lovely 17 degrees I think. _DSC9374I wasn’t too nervous and actually managed to sleep quite well the night before. The only thing that bothered me was that I two days ago realised that my sports drink that I have been training with has no carbs in it which means that I only had about 20 grams of carbs per hour when training for the marathon. The recommendations are somewhere between 30-60g/hour…. meaning about one gel + sports drink should be about right. That made me nervous but decided to have a gel every 45 minutes instead, there was nothing else I could do as you really don’t want to change anything on race day.
I started out well and it was just magic watching all the runners along the river around Burswood and East Perth. The advice I got before the race was to try to run the first 20km with an easy pace and that worked quite well. I was enjoying the scenery and there was lots of people along the course clapping their hands and cheering the runners on which was really nice. Along the way towards Applecross the leaders of the pack were coming back and they looked fierce! Absolute machines and utterly amazing runners! The winner came in at 2.24…! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
Around the 27km mark I had a bit of a dip and felt tired but pushed through thanks to my lovely support team out there. Mike and the kids kept popping up along the whole course and also had some friends cheering me on which was so nice!
_DSC9390I got to the 32km mark and had 4km along the freeway to the Narrows Bridge where my running buddy Kath was waiting for me. I always hated running this bit in training as it just a straight road and seems to go on forever but now I felt really strong and my legs were just pounding the pavement like a machine – what an awesome feeling! I got a bit bored half way and found myself counting cars driving on the freeway… weird, I have never done that in training! Came up to the 36km mark and saw Mike, the kids and my gorgeous friend Karen waiting for me! It was great seeing them again and at this point I felt really good!_DSC9399
Met up with Kath and at about 38km I felt really tired and decided to have my last gel to fuel the last couple of k’s to the finish line. Gulped down the gel and realised I had no water or sports drink left at all in my fuel belt….. Luckily a water station was coming up and Kath helped me fill up one of my bottles while I had a big drink of water. Walked a bit and really didn’t want to start running again but in the end I did and all I could think was – keep running, you are strong, don’t stop, keep running, I can do this… Finally the 40km mark came up and after what felt like forever the 41km and then the beautiful 42km mark came up – YES only 200 meters to go, I am going to make it, I am going to finish a marathon – YAY! YAY! Friggin YAY!
I got a medal around my neck, hobbled over to a table and grabbed a drink before I met up with my gorgeous friends Karen, Frida, Helen, Erika and of course my amazing husband Mike, Nathan and Cayla that had been following me around the whole course cheering me on! I got flowers and champagne and nearly had a cry…. I can’t believe that I have actually ran a marathon! What a great journey it has been; the training, my running buddies, half marathons, aches and pains, fundraising for TCCP finally leading up to this amazing day. Oh and my time was 4hrs and 20mins.
THANKS to everyone that has supported me by donating to Cayla’s challenge! A big thank you to my amazing support team that was cheering me on yesterday – Kath, Jo, Vanessa, Karen, Frida, Helen, Erika, Cheryl and of course my hubby and the kids! Love you guys! _DSC9410 _DSC9418 6 8 Perth Marathon

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