Bring on Carb Loading

Ok time to keep calm and focus… only a few days to go before the Perth marathon! My three weeks of tapering have been all over the place. The first week I was crazy hungry and had aches and pains everywhere which didn’t do much at all for my confidence.. Did some research online and found a page talking about “Taper Traps” and could definitely relate to some of them. Things like craving carbs, phantom pains and heavy legs described my week in a nutshell! Not great but good to know that it is quite common and all normal! Last week I felt much better, I only did some shorter runs plus x-training at the gym to reduce the heavy impact running has on your body and my hunger is back to normal thankfully! This last week is all about taking it easy, doing some short runs to keep the legs going, carb loading and staying positive…!

A big THANKS goes to all friends and family that have so far made a donation towards Cayla’s wheelie big challenge!! We really appreciate your support!
If you would like to support me for this Sunday’s Perth Marathon please follow the link to our fundraising page! All donations are much appreciated – large or small :)  

Any supporters here in Perth are more than welcome to come and cheer me on during the marathon this Sunday morning, I will be running for +4 hours so would be awesome to see some familiar faces along the way :D


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