2 Weeks to Go!

The first week of tapering has been alright but still not feeling 100% which is very frustrating. Went for a 60 min walk on Monday to loosen up my legs from the 32k run the day before. Did a 7k pace run on my treadmill on Tuesday, RPM at the gym on Wednesday and had an appointment at the physio on Thursday…. I have a sore ankle and hip so thought I better have it checked before it’s gets worse.. Apparently it’s tendonitis and I need to keep icing my ankle a couple of times a day and I also need to give my very stiff feet a good massage every night by rolling them on a golf ball. Too stiff big toe makes me roll more towards the other poor toes when running which puts pressure on my ankle. My hip is apparently sore because I am tight in my abdominal muscles on the right side so need to give that area a bit of a massage too. My physio put some acupuncture needles in my shin and as much as I know that it works great I hate the way it feels.. not painful but still a weird not-so-nice-feeling.
Went for a slow 9k run in the sun yesterday but ended up with a very sore hip afterwards that I had to lay on the couch with an ice pack most of the evening :( Since I am tapering anyway I have decided to rest completely today so I am ready for my 19k run tomorrow. Things like this frustrates me as all I want to do is go for a run…!

Came home to such a nice surprise today! A letter from my lovely grandparents in Sweden with a very sweet card and a newspaper article about a Swedish girl training for Stockholm Marathon which actually is today! This girl is a machine and running 42.2km in 3 hours which I am far from but still like to read about her training on her personal blog www.rocknrollrunning.com
Tack finaste momo och mofa for artikeln och tipset om sopsack for att halla mig varm innan starten! :D


4 thoughts on “2 Weeks to Go!

  1. Maybe you should try some Pilates, very good for stretching and building core muscles. Also it relaxes your mind ;) good luck

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