Ginger for Drooling

Cayla has been sick most of the week so had to cancel and reschedule all her appointments. We were due to start her post Botox intensive physio therapy this week but yeah, all cancelled unfortunately but we’ll start next week instead.
We have decided to cut back on Conductive Education and will concentrate on Cayla’s speech instead as this is definitely needed. She will be doing speech once a week at “Kids Are Kids” and also seeing a new private speech therapist every two weeks. Cayla’s speech is slowly improving and she has learned a few new sounds lately. She is saying ‘I love you’ to me about 50 times a day which is pretty clear and also very cute!
Her new speech therapist will be focusing on helping Cayla produce words with a technic called PROMPT. This is a speech and language-based technique that provides tactile cues to the lips, tongue and jaw to essentially help the patient feel what ”correct” placement feels like with each sound, in each word. I think this technic is going to be great for Cayla, just hoping she will happily go along with it without any fuss!

A little while ago I came across a website called and they sell different packages with items that will help improving mouth, lips, and tongue control and speech clarity. Things like bite blocks, different shaped drinking straws, horns and whistles can all help with improving the oral musculature by promoting lip closure, lip rounding, tongue protrusion, and prolonged airflow pattern. We are already playing with blowing bubbles but haven’t tried horns and whistles yet so we went to a party shop and picked up a few things for us to play with today. Cayla loved it once she got the hang of it! So simple, lots of fun and hopefully very effective!

Cayla is still drooling a bit and even though we have been given a liquid from our paediatrician we don’t really use it as it doesn’t work that great. I have been
recommended ginger chews from an American mum as this works very well for her son with PMG (polymicrogyria) but can’t find anything similar here in Oz. I don’t want the horrible crystalized ginger as it tastes yuk. This mum buys hers from an American company called Reeds but they don’t ship to Australia unfortunately but I have just found them on Amazon so will order them in due course. Always worth a try!

Reeds_Peanutbutter_Ginger_ChewsReeds_Ginger_Chews      Reeds-Ginger-Chew-Nutrition

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