Fragile Life

I have ‘met’ so many nice and interesting people through my blog and yesterday we were lucky enough to receive a donation to Cayla’s Wheelie Big Challenge from one of them! His name is Ryan and he lives with his wife and their two little girls in Norway. Ryan, who is originally from Perth, and I have shared information, experiences and support for the last year or so and I always love reading about their life and progress with their youngest daughter Jennifer who like Cayla has cerebral palsy. This family has gone through so much since Jennifer’s birth and both Ryan and Odin are doing an amazing job with her therapy and finding solutions that will improve their lives. You can download and read about the first six months with little Jennifer in an amazing and very honest book called “A Fragile Life” (written by her dad) here:
Thanks again for your support Ryan! I look forward catching up when you all come to Perth :)


A BIG thank you to ALL our latest supporters! Even had a $20 donation from my mum’s dog Freia! Hahaha, awesome! We really appreciate your support and donations which makes us push so much harder in our training to do our absolute best! Less than four weeks to go to the Perth Marathon…! Eeek! :D



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