Joondalup 1/2 Marathon

Home again after finishing the Joondalup 1/2 Marathon with my lovely friends! It was a chilly but beautiful morning and I was feeling pretty good. So good that I went out way too hard in the start doing just over 5 mins/km which is a bit fast for me…. I think my garmin showed 53 minutes at 10km and then I had another 11k to run. I kept the pace fairly well until the 17km mark when I could feel that I was slowing down.. the price you pay when you go out too fast in the beginning of the race..! The last km I was doing alright and I realised that I could run in under 1.55 so hey, why not go for it!! Finished at 1.54 which is 11 minutes faster than last year so happy with that! :D

I have a sore hip and ankle but it’s to be expected as I’m at the peak on my marathon training. I am currently running around 70km/week + cross training and weights. that is more training than I have ever done in my life so really trying to avoid getting injured by doing all the right things such as sport massage, ice, compression pants, foam rolling, vitamins etc. Last Sunday was my first 32km run and I have another 32km run coming up next weekend. That is the longest I will run before the Perth Marathon on the 16th June. Then I just have to trust that the training will ‘carry’ me over the last 10km!

Mike completed a very hilly and challenging 80km bike ride in Kalamunda this morning and I am very proud of him!!

We are both training hard for these races/rides to raise money to help our daughter Cayla and her friends with cerebral palsy. Actions such as walking and running can be very difficult for some children with cerebral palsy hence the importance of accessing specialised equipment early on in life. Mike and I CAN both walk and run so we want to use that ability to do something good for these kids! You can too! Please support us and donate to Cayla’s Hero Page!


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