New AFOs

We took Cayla’s cast off on Sunday morning and she is walking pretty well except that her left leg is turning inwards a bit. I have never seen it like that but hopefully her AFOs (ankle foot orthosis) will correct that. I picked her new AFOs yesterday morning and they will both be ‘fixed’ a couple of weeks and then the right one will be opened up to sk hinged again. After the AFO fitting I drove to TCCP to do a short talk for a group of mums and dads about my experiences when Cayla started kindy. I was pretty nervous as I wasn’t sure I had enough to speak about but realised quickly that I had plenty to say! :) Hopefully the other parents found the presentation informative and helpful, and that it will give them some reassurance that it will be ok. They all have kids with cerebral palsy of various degrees that will be starting kindy next year. I know exactly how they feel… scared of the unknown, worried about their kids well being, separation anxiety, bullying and allocated EA-time and so on. It is hard but I’m hoping that it all goes well for them next year.
Today was another crazy busy day with some extra spice in the morning………………… RPM at 6am, speeding ticket at 8.30am (!!), kids at school at 8.45am, grocery shopping at 9am, meeting at TCCP at 10am, lunch at IKEA at 12pm, pick up kids from school at 2.30pm, homework, snacks, cleaning up etc 3.15-5pm, dinner at 5.30pm, swimming lesson at 6pm, kids in bed at 7.30pm and now collapse in the couch.. Tomorrow is a new day :)

Look what we came home to a couple of days ago! There is just something magical about rainbows and its pretty colours.


2 thoughts on “New AFOs

  1. Imponerande att du höll föredrag! Är säker på att det var kanonbra och att föräldrarna blev hjälpta av det. Otroligt strongt tycker jag att gå från att själv vara den oroliga föräldern till att sen stå inför en grupp och dela den erfarenheten. Du är ju bäst!

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