Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day in Australia and what a fab day it’s been! I had +3 hours of ‘me time’ in the morning when I completed my longest scheduled run in my training for the marathon. I was a little bit nervous about running 32km but the weather was perfect and I finished fairly strong. Could I go on for another 10k……?! Well not sure but still have a few more weeks to train..
I came home to a happy house and had two kids attack me with presents! The hand made cards were just so lovely and cute and I didn’t get a wheat bag – yay!! Mike and the kids made me a yummy and healthy lunch and then it was time to put the compression pants on and get ready for a Mother’s Day catch-up with the family! I am not a big fan of running with compression pants but for recovery they are awesome! Hope all my mummy friends have had a fabulous day and that you were spoiled rotten by your little ‘monsters’! :D



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