School Hols

 The weather is a bit crazy here in Perth at the moment! Rain, sun and strong winds are sweeping through and Autumn is definitely here. It’s cold inside the house and I would love to bring out our heater but someone else thinks it’s too early..!
We have a very important day coming up this Sunday – Mother’s Day. Maybe I should ask for a pair of UGG boots! That would be nice but somehow I’m guessing that I will be given a wheat bag instead. Why? Well because that is what Nathan has bought us at the Mother’s Day Stall at school the last two years! :) So funny! I have been given two wheat bags and his dad one so far, so I kindly asked Nathan NOT to get me one this year! He laughed out loud so I’m feeling fairly confident that I will get a third one this year…. great.. ;)
This morning the school organised a Mother’s day breakfast and pampering which is always very nice and lots of fun! The mums get to go to different stations and get a manicure, pedicure, facial, massage and their hair done. Unfortunately Nathan got stung by a bee on his ear when we went outside after the pampering.. poor thing :(
264420_10151620519210033_405337708_n 401881_10151620519170033_692489830_n
960259_10151620519280033_1501972957_n Cayla and her best friends Kaylen & Chloe :)



Things are slowly getting back to normal now when the school holidays is over. Cayla is on her last cast for this time and we can see a huge improvement with her gait. Her cast has been made longer and heavier to encourage, no actually, to force her to walk with a heel-toe pattern and it’s working really well. This in combination with great results from the Botox injection have made her gait better and she is finally extending that left knee! With this last cast we are going for range and hoping to get at least 6 degrees dorsiflexion. She will receive her new AFOs next week and then onto some intensive physio therapy.

This school holiday we have mainly been back and forth to the centre for Cayla’s serial casting and the rest of the time at home. But as both kids have had their birthdays recently they have had plenty of new toys and, art and craft to keep them busy. We have also managed to squeeze in a visit to the movies, SciTech and we have finally made a veggie patch. Hopefully it’s not drenched from yesterday’s storm!

Nathan had his 7th birthday party at a place called Jungle Gym and he loved it! He wanted a ‘spooky scooby doo theme’ so that is what he got. I had a lot of fun making all the ‘spooky’ food and I have to agree that the chopped off fingers made from sausages were really gross but also funny! :)
Nathan 7th birthday (2 of 52) Nathan 7th birthday (4 of 52) Nathan 7th birthday (7 of 52) Nathan 7th birthday (14 of 52) Nathan 7th birthday (18 of 52) Nathan 7th birthday (21 of 52)

Nathan 7th birthday (22 of 52) Nathan 7th birthday (24 of 52) Nathan 7th birthday (27 of 52) Nathan 7th birthday (28 of 52) Nathan 7th birthday (30 of 52) Nathan 7th birthday (40 of 52)  Nathan 7th birthday (51 of 52)


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