Wheelie Big Day Out

I have totally forgotten to tell you about Wheelie Big Challenge last Sunday! I did a 10 hour wedding the day before and ran 14km with friends in the morning so was feeling slightly tired when I got to Burswood Park! But it was a great day with lots of fun activities for the kids such as cuddly animal farm, big Lego blocks, massive chess board, face painting, fairies and bubbles, sausage sizzle, fat cat and more. Cayla spent most of her time in the animal farm holding and feeding the guinea pigs and little chickens, so cute! Nathan was well busy with the big Lego blocks of course, where else would he be?
We met up with Mike’s family just before the start of the 1km walk and bumped in to a Storm trooper! Nathan and Cayla thought he was fun but some of other kids were petrified and cried… shame! I was so proud of Cayla as she walked the whole 1km without any problems at all! Last year she couldn’t walk the whole walk, she got tired and Mike had to carry her on his shoulders. She didn’t have her AFOs on this time as they are too small and she was walking so well. She is due for serial casting next week and after the review at the Lower limb clinic a couple of weeks ago they wanted to make the casting longer and pointy to try to with gravity get that heal strike when walking. Not sure if that is needed anymore as she is walking better than ever before.
So all up a great day and the kids really enjoyed it. We will definitely be back next year and many thanks to our family who joined us for the 1km walk, we really appreciate your support!

Last photo courtesy of “Town of Victoria Park”


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