Birthday party and massage

So another week has passed by and we have celebrated Easter with family and friends and little Cayla has turned 4 years old. We had all her little kindy friends at our house for a birthday party. She received so many nice presents and everyone had a great time! It was quite funny when a couple of the girls got a bit upset when they couldn’t agree on who should play with Cayla…! How about you ALL play together instead hey? Girls are just too complicated… We hired a girl from ‘Happy Feet Fitness’ to come andentertain the kids with songs, games and a bit of magic.
She was awesome and well worth spent money :) _DSC4914

I have recently started to add in some strength training at the gym and not quite sure what I do wrong but have had both a sore neck and last week a very sore back… Not good but luckily I had a sports massage booked in last Friday to sort it out. She was great but ended up spending the whole hour working on my back and a little bit on my calves. This was my first real sports massage so wasn’t sure what to expect afterwards and was a bit worried about my long run the day after… She said that I would probably be a bit sore and have tired muscles but should be ok if I hydrated plenty during the day and rest of the evening, so I did. My back felt better on Saturday morning but I probably did my most difficult run so far. My body just felt so tired already after a couple of km’s and I never thought I would finish the whole run, nearly rang Mike to come and pick me up.. But I decided to use this run to work on my ‘mental fitness’ so managed to complete 24km with great music and lots of will power (!) and felt pretty damn chuffed afterwards! Took my usual GU gels and sports drink during the run but did also try a new thing called “Honey Shotz”. It’s just a small amount of honey to give you a natural quick energy boost, much the same as lollies or carb chews I suppose. Not sure I liked it very much but then I am not a big fan of honey and also my stomach did NOT like it.. so safe to say that I won’t be having that again. _DSC4889 _DSC4890 _DSC4891 _DSC4892 _DSC4893_DSC4895 _DSC4896_DSC4906 _DSC4903 _DSC4904_DSC4918_DSC4924 _DSC4928 _DSC4929

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