I think I was flying today! I have not done a long run
since I got sick a couple of weeks ago only a few 8-10km and
quite a bit of hill and speed training on the treadmill. Not sure
if it was the awesome music playing in my ears or because it
finally was a cold morning here in Perth but I was on freakin fire!
With only three km to go I realised that I could possibly run
21.1km under two hours and break my PB of 2.05 from Joondalup 1/2
last year. I gave it a good shot only to finish my run like this:
20130323-212846.jpg SO so close but didn’t make it, damn! Next time
I’ll get it for sure :) When I first started running on my
treadmill and definitely had to run with music but then I stopped
as I felt it was nicer without. However I have recently picked up
the music again, mostly because it is sooo boring to do my midweek
runs in my neighborhood but also because running with the right
music can be awesome! Today I was listening to a playlist on
Spotify called Absolut Music 2012 which it’s a great mix of
Swedish pop music but also some other tunes like Sean the
förste banan… Lol, slightly weird but funny! Sorry, think
you have to be Swedish to understand :) But thanks to Loreen,
Swedish House Maffia and David Lindgren – I did probably my best
run so far and it was such an amazing feeling! Swedish music kicks
ass and it made me think of sunny Summer days in my beautiful
hometown Stockholm and my friends and family – miss you all!
Running has been a real savior when all Cayla’s appointments and
therapy was slowly drowning me a year and a half ago. I am also
really happy that Mike (hubby) has recently picked up bike riding
and is out on the road 4-5 times a week with some mates from work.
Tomorrow morning they will be doing the RAC Freeway bike ride
(75km). Go Team Nilsen! It might sounds strange but I seriously get
excited before a long run when I get everything I need together and
then standing outside my house with my fuel belt packed with gels
and water and waiting for my Garmin to start up. Running just
before sunrise is magic, fresh and simply awesome! 20130323-212802.jpg  


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