Test Results Back

After coming back from school drop-off this morning a letter from PMH was waiting in the mailbox. It was the results from Cayla’s neuropsychological test she had done a couple of weeks ago. The peadiatric psychologist said she would contact us and let us know the results either over the phone or in person so it was a bit strange to receive a letter in the post. Anyway, in short and from what I can make out of it, the results are alright! Cayla shows good development of general cognitive skills (age appropriate) and (as we already knew) her development of language skills is more delayed with expressive language skills much worse than receptive language skills. It was recommended that a review neuropsychological evaluation in 2-3 years may be helpful in monitoring Cayla’s development in order to detect and provide appropriate intervention strategies. I’m feeling pretty happy with the result and this will give us an indication on what areas we need to focus on over the next couple of years. Not sure where to go from here but as long as she is enjoying kindy and keeping up with her friends then that is all we can ask for right now I suppose. We continue to take Cayla to speech pathology sessions at TCCP but also through two private services. Her “talker” (Vantage Lite) will also be an important part in the long-term plan to improve her speech and language. Just need to get into habit of using it..


Cayla is still sick so had to cancel her physio appointment and hydro therapy that was on today’s schedule. I was too tired to get up for a run this morning but did a hill/interval session on the treadmill instead. I knew my treadmill would come in handy now and then! Actually, it was on the treadmill my running journey began when I decided to do the “couch to 10k” app about 15 months ago (thanks Karen B!). I still do some running on it but only if I really have to… It is a lot more fun to be running outside for sure.

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