4.40am in the morning….

My training is in full swing and I am really enjoying it. On Sunday I did 24km which is the longest I have ever run so feeling pretty chuffed :) I felt alright afterwards and went home and tried an ice bath for the first time.. VERY cold but my legs felt great!
I haven’t yet decided what races to sign up for this year but we are definitely doing the Joondalup 1/2 marathon in May again and maybe improve my time as well.

Tphotoo get up for a run this morning was tough I have to admit… Cayla was up in the middle of the night complaining that she was sick and I didn’t sleep very well.. But I’m always tired that early in the mornings so it’s just to get up and get out there.. An hour later, stretch and coffee and I felt fine! I promise, I don’t get up early every day of the week.. only when I need to do the longer runs! Though I can’t describe how beautiful it is to run along the river at Matilda Bay as the sun is slowly rising over the hills in Perth…

Unfortunately Cayla is a bit sick today so we are just having a chill-out day at home watching movies. Olive leaf extract should sort it out and hopefully she won’t pass it on as I really can’t be bothered getting sick…

Lately I have been trying to cut out gluten from my diet and it makes me feel a lot better. Not that I had any particular health problems before but just wanted to reduce our wheat intake and see/feel the change for myself. I found it difficult to come up with breakfast but I make a super yummy smoothie a couple of times a week that I just have to share. It’s a Berry Cardamom Smoothie from the Gluten Free Cat’s website www.glutenfreecat.com
You will need: Almond Milk, Protein Powder, cardamom, almond butter, soaked chia seeds, blueberries, blackberries and mango. I just use whatever frozen berries that I have in the freezer and skip the protein powder if the kids are sharing. The cardamom makes is taste great! You could try cocoa powder if you want a more chocolate flavour – yum! _DSC4586Great that we are spending the day at home as we just received two big parcels from the post man! New funky bibs for Cayla from Sweden and a pair of new running shoes for me! Woohoo! So excited and can’t wait to try them out :D

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