Neuropsychological Testing

Last week we had an appointment at Princess Margaret hospital (PMH) for Cayla to do a neuropsychological test.. Sounds scary doesn’t it?! I thought so too and wasn’t overly keen on having this type of test done. Our pediatrician Dr Langdon thought that it might be a good idea to do the test and get a baseline as to where Cayla is at right now so she organised a referral last year. We see this test as a way of finding out Cayla’s strengths and weaknesses and give her the help she may need accordingly. We already know that her receptive and expressive language will be under but will see what else the test results will reveal.. scary…..
I wasn’t allowed to be in the room with Cayla during the testing but had to wait outside and fill in a couple of forms rating Cayla from 0-3 in various areas. The scores from these forms and the outcome of the practical testing will then be compiled by the psychologist and she said that she will let us know the results in about 1-2 weeks.


This week Cayla is doing three whole days at school with her 20 classmates and she will be very tired for sure. I am keeping myself busy with various things such as Parent Focus meeting at TCCP, a visit to the sports physio, lunch with friends and running :)
Oh and cleaning the house, shopping for groceries and preparing for all the lovely dinners I plan to make this week……. ;) Maybe it’s time to invest in a Thermomix after all..!


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