2nd Day at School

It’s been a great week so far and Cayla has been to conductive eduction, physio therapy and hydro therapy. We also had an appointment booked in to do serial casting for moulds for Cayla’s new AFOs (ankle foot orthosis) but it was decided to postpone it until after her next Botox as she is quite tight right now. Cayla has finally been accepted by Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) for her Botox and our consultation is sometime in March.
It’s was nice to be at the centre (TCCP) this week and meet up with some familiar faces at playgroup and hydro. It’s funny how different I feel being there now compared to say 18 months ago… I hated going there, it felt like an old mental institution.. Now it doesn’t bother me at all. Cayla likes it there to and keeps running ahead of me to say hello to different people, doing lots of fun things in the playgroup, or trying to get me to buy her an ice cream from the cafe!
tccp2 tccp
             Having fun at playgroup at TCCP!

Today was Cayla’s 2nd day at kindy and what a difference it was emotionally for me. Yesterday Cayla’s physio therapist Megan made a visit to school to give the teacher and EAs (Education Assistance) some general information about cerebral palsy and also to talk to them about Cayla’s AFOs and show them how to take them off and put them on properly etc. It is really important that this is done right or she may get blisters which means she can’t wear them at all until it heals. I have also had a chat to her teacher and the principal about some minor worries that we had and it’s all good.physiovisit
So this morning I had no tears when saying good-bye and Cayla was happy as usual. A few kids cried and one had a major tantrum leaving his mum poor kid… So glad that Cayla doesn’t have separation anxiety, that would make it a lot harder.. Today they made biscuit faces (biscuits, icing sugar, lollies and sultanas), I remember when Nathan did his in kindy. I would have taken a photo but Cayla ate hers before we got to the car! A step for the toilet has been delivered to school which is good, still missing a rail but that’s ok for now. school

It has been stinking hot lately and even though I love warm weather it is a bit too hot to run… I prefer running in the mornings but it’s not nice when it’s 28 degrees at 5.30 am…! After dropping the kids of at school today I went to see a sport physio in the city to sort out my niggling pain in my shins (possibly shin splints). shin splints
I have had this pain for a while, it started already last year when training for the 1/2 marathons. I though I better check it out before it gets any worse, especially now when I’m running 5-6 times a week. So after the physio asked me some questions, examined my legs, made me do some exercises he gave my poor calves the ‘massage’ from hell..! It was super painful and I tried to put on a brave face…. aaoooch!
BUT it felt great afterwards and I had next to no pain in my shins at all. He taped my right foot to help support the arch, something called ‘Low Dye taping’. This technique is designed to support the arch of the foot, improve foot posture and reduce the stress on the foot and lower leg during a run or other activity. He told me to go for a run this evening and recommended ice-cube massage afterwards. I was given a sheet with some strengthening exercises to do every second day as well. I went for a short 6,5k run this evening and felt no pain in my shin what so ever -yay!

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Hope you got to spend it with some special people, I know I did which I am ever so grateful for :)



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