First day at school

Up late thinking, crying, drinking wine and eating potato crisps, how pathetic am I………! People around me are ever so excited about their kids going to school. Tomorrow Cayla is starting her first day of kindy and I am seriously feeling sick to my stomach.. I’ve done my best to prepare everything and she has got the cutest Tinkerbell bag, lunchbox and new pink cup etc. I’ve bought her a uniform to wear and she is very excited! Everything is labelled and bag is packed but I’m feeling so not ready and not sure what to do with myself.. I have been so busy with organising her therapy lately that this day had just sneaked up on me way too fast.. Sucks big time but hoping that all my worries will be gone tomorrow morning.GrassSmallThis was how I felt last night….. I woke up feeling the same, very teary and emotional.. plus feeling really yuk about the crisps and wine consumed way too late at night…..
Oh well, we left Cayla at kindy and she was absolutely fine saying good-bye and sitting down on the mat with her new friends, me…. not so much.. had a bit of a cry outside school and then drove off to the gym for a seriously hard RPM class! I felt so much better afterwards and then met up with my dear friend Karen for lunch and supportive chat at our local pub.

Came back to school in the afternoon and Cayla gave me a lovely necklace made from dried penne pasta and the teacher said that Cayla has had a great day! She said that I had absolutely nothing to worry about and that Cayla was actually doing even better than some of her peers. So that’s it, first day of kindy done and dusted! Next week she is going back one more day before the real schedule starts. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I’m feeling confident that Cayla will have a great year ahead. There will no doubt continue to be an emotional roller coaster but right now, today, I am feeling great :) Yay!
_DSC4368 _DSC4370 _DSC4375 _DSC4382 _DSC4397 _DSC4398 Wow, both my ‘babies’ have started school… crazy stuff! Where did time go?

6 thoughts on “First day at school

  1. Congrats Cayla for starting Kindy! Yay.
    Hanna, congrats for making it through the day. It is a hard enough thing at the best of times! And brilliant that Cayla sailed through!

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