Orthotic Solution Review

Seven weeks has passed since Cayla’s Botox and she has had another review regarding her AFOs (footsplints). We managed to get a good stretch with the help of serial casting and her dorsiflexion is at least 5 degrees which means that Cayla will be able to practice putting her heel down first when walking. Instead of putting her foot flat on the floor (like stomping) or so-called ‘toe walking’. During the post botox programme we are strengthening and stretching her calf and hamstring muscles giving her a great opportunity to practicing her heal-toe strikes and therefore improving her gait.

It was decided to make her right AFO hinged (open at the back) and keep her left AFO fixed. We are returning in four weeks to review the effect it has had on her gait and hopefully do a little video as well. It’s good to do a video now and then to see what’s happening with her gait and looking at her knees and hips and so on. I don’t mind if her AFOs are fixed or hinged anymore, whatever Andrew or Gary from Orthotic Solutions decide I will go with. I trust that they know what they are doing and what will be best for Cayla in the long run. We are doing lots of stretching now which includes standing on the wedge and also hand stretches when putting on and taking off her AFOs every day. I have recently started a routine where Cayla is standing on the wedge with the Elektrodress on whilst playing on the Ipad which also helps to improve her speech and comprehension. This means that we are combining lots of different therapy in one hit which is great!

Later on Cayla had a hydro pool session with one of the girls working at the centre whilst I had a coffee and a chat with some other mums at the monthly Parent Focus group meeting. Always nice to see them and receive lots of valuable information and plenty of good advice!
After hydro and parent focus Cayla and I drove to PMH to visit one of Cayla’s little friends Alexey that has recently had a major surgery done to his brain. He was quite weak and a little uncomfortable but perked up when we took him outside to a nearby cafe. The surgery went well and he is back home now. Hopefully he will have a speedy recovery and that his seizures will disappear or at least decrease significantly…


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