Star Wars to Starfish

This blog has mainly been about our little girl Cayla and all the therapy and other appointments for her cerebral palsy but this time the blog post will be about Cayla’s big brother Nathan.
Nathan is 6,5 years old, has lost three teeth, been through Teletubbies, Thomas and friends, Transformers and have now settled on Star Wars! He also enjoys playing with planes, art & craft and loves his Lego! He can sit in his room for hours playing lego whilst listening to our old Tiesto cd’s in the background….! His room was looking a bit bland and boring so we decided to give it a make-over. Out came the toddler stuff such as cute curtains, green shelves and his old bulky chest of draws. A whole box of toys were taken to Salvation Army. The walls were given a much needed wash and lick of fresh white paint plus one feature wall in a warm blue. We painted his old bed from ikea (kura) black and white and ordered a cool star wars wall sticker to go on the wall above the bed. I bought a white bookcase and some black storage boxes from ikea hoping that this would be enough to keep his lego off the floor….! :) Finally we put an old 4×2 bookcase (also Ikea) under his bed and installed white draws and storage boxes to fit more toys, games and puzzles. His room looks awesome and he loves it!
Now I’m busy planning Cayla’s room… and I love searching Pinterest for great ideas!

From Star Wars to Starfish! Nathan and his class in Yr1 has read a book called “The Rainbow Fish” and gave the whole school and parents a great performance at assembly last week! They all had gorgeous, colourful face paintings and dressed in different colors to resemble a range of sea creatures. Nathan was a starfish and dressed in all red. They were super cute and looked like starfish zombies when walking around on stage! Hillarious!


11 thoughts on “Star Wars to Starfish

  1. Hello I love ur idea it’s awesome . Can u give me more details on how to paint the ikea bed. Did u have to sand it before , did u use a special paint

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  4. Hi, love what you did to the bed.. I’m intersted to know mire details about the unit under the bed as Im looking for something similar to place but cant find the right the one.. Pls give me more details on maybe size of the unit, are the white drawers placed on a big black drawer? Sorry but pics are not clear. thank you

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