Serial Casting

It’s been about four weeks since the Botox and to make the most of the effects Cayla is again having some serial casting done. It is just like a normal cast and sometimes people wonder if she has broken her leg. Most of the times I just say ‘yes’ but sometimes I do make an effort and tell them why and how etc. But it’s all good and the cast is not bothering Cayla at all. Though a few times she has said “finished” and tried to climb into the bath tub as this is where we soak the cast when we take it off! She will have it on until Sunday night when we will remove it, give her a bath and do the elektrodress before the next cast is being put on the following day. Our physio thinks she will need three casts to get at least 5 degrees range on her left foot. After that we will do our best to keep it that way with lots of stretching and the elektrodress. It is sometimes very difficult to keep up as kids are growing really fast at her age!
Cayla is booked in to see one of the guys from Orthodic Solution in a couple of weeks for a review and possibly new AFOs. Fixed or hinged I don’t know, we’ll have to wait and see.
We are doing hydro therapy (warm water in a pool) once a week but will try to squeeze in one more session as this is a great environment for stretching tight muscles plus having fun in the water.
A while ago Cayla had another hearing test done at PMH and that came out fine which is good. She was really cute concentrating to hear the noise in the headphones and then putting small wooden shapes in the box.

I promised that I would post some photos of the modified bike that we were able to borrow from the centre (TCCP) a couple of weeks ago. We did some practising on it but Cayla is quite good at riding her own little bike so we will continue on with that, especially now when the weather is getting warmer – hooray for Summer!

This bike has a high back rest and a moulded seat, sturdy training wheels, platforms on the pedals to strap in little feet that would otherwise fall off, and the brake has been taken off so you can pedal both forwards and backwards. This comes in handy if the child ends up cycling into a corner as he/she doesn’t have to get off the bike to turn around, just pedal backwards. Bike riding is great for strengthening muscles but at the moment Cayla is using Nathan’s old scooter more. Riding on a scooter is also great for core strength, coordination and of course balance.

Last week I helped out at the Centre (TCCP)  as they needed new photos of different stretches and strengthening exercises and Cayla was one of the models. She did pretty well consider we had quite a lot of photos to go through and it took all morning. We managed to get her to do what we wanted most of the time but luckily there were some other models there to help as well. These photos will be used to make ‘home plans’ more interesting and hopefully provide parents with some ideas to try at home.

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