Bike Riding

Wednesdays is the day we usually spend at TCCP and this week was no different. The Centre runs a playgroup and hydro therapy pool sessions in the mornings and the Parent Focus Group had their monthly catch-up as well.
Cayla had a physio therapy session with Megan and we were both very surprised and happy that she could walk/jump over the little yellow hurdles in the obstacle course made up. A couple of months ago we had to hold her hand for her to keep her balance and step over them successfully. It feels great to see some progress after all the climbing, squatting, kicking etc we have been doing over the last few months!

Holding on for balance in May 2012

Cayla is due for Botox on Monday next week and we can tell by her heel coming off the ground and she is doing more so-called ‘toe walking’, not as bad as it was about a year and a half ago and I believe we can thank the Elektrodress for that. We are still using the Elektrodress about three times a week and can definitely tell if we haven’t used as much as her leg and walk/gait is very stiff and she is quite unbalanced.
Physio therapy home plan

Important for her right now is to continue on with stretches such as standing on the wedge and the wobble board. Also important is to be working on the full extension of her left leg and getting those toe lifts going, so exercises like ‘painting toe nails’ and ‘picking little things up with her toes’ are great. We are trying to teach her to walk with a ‘heal – toe’ pattern and she is really good with her right foot now but this is of course more difficult for her left leg/foot due to spasticity in her calf and hamstring. These activities will be a lot easier to practice after she has had her Botox which will give the muscles at the front of her leg a proper chance to work.

Luckily Cayla is a very active little girl and does a lot of climbing and squatting when playing on her own. She is also kicking away on Nathan’s old scooter which is great practice for both strength, coordination and balance.

On Wednesday at the Centre Cayla was able to try a modified bike with the help of one of the ladies that works in the crèche. She has got a little chair with wheels and sits in front of the bike teaching Cayla how to push and maneuver the bike. The bike has had the break taken off so you can pedal both backwards and forwards, it has a bigger seat with a back on it and small black platforms with velcro to strap little feet in so they stay in place. I will try to remember to take a photo of it tomorrow. We bought Cayla a bike for her 3rd birthday and she likes being pushed around on it but haven’t quite got the pedal bit yet. Her feet, the left one in particular, is sliding off and she finds it a bit difficult. Anyway, the lovely lady from the crèche has lent us the bike and chair over the next couple of weeks so we can practice at home.

After that we will bring in Cayla’s bike and take the break off and probably fit it with the platforms and velcro so she can ride it without our help. So it was a busy day with physio therapy, parent focus group, swimming lesson and then finished off with a play with her little friend Sienna in the playground and a bike ride session outside. A morning full of play combined with therapy which is awesome!

It’s getting warmer outside and I can’t wait for Summer! The wedding season has just started and this week has been busy with client meetings and pre wedding shoot. We have two big weddings next weekend and I’m doing a newborn photo shoot next week as well so time to move out of hibernation and get into work mood!


3 thoughts on “Bike Riding

  1. Happy to hear about progress! Extra happy to see you physiotherapist working hands on with smart exercise choices! Hold on to Medan, sights like this are unfortunatly rare in Sweden. The importance of exercise has been lost somewhere on the way. Something i will charge with a little help from my friends.:) Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Fredrik! You are so right and I am only just starting to fully understand how IMPORTANT a post botox programme really is. Botox is kind of useless without the therapy that should be done afterwards! Hope you and the rest of the Elektrodress Team are going well :)

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